student folder


  1. Click on Start
  2. Go to all programs
  3. Click on Accessories
  4. Click on Windows Explorer
  5. In the top address bar, type the following: ftp://student-serv.mvcc.edu
  6. A box will pop up asking for your username and password. The username/password is the one you use to log onto computers and email. EXAMPLE : Username: jdoe07 Password : 1234
  7. You should be logged into your account (NOTE : If you are not in your account but see a listing of folders, Select the folder with your name and double clicking on that folder.)
  8. Once your folder is open, files can be copied from your network folder to your own computer or you can copy files from your computer to your folder. (Please Note : You cannot directly save to your network space from home, you must copy to your computer, open the file to work on it, save it on your computer and then copy it back over to your network space)

  • To copy files from your network folder to your computer or from your computer to your network folder, you can click (hold down the mouse button) on the desired document, drag it to the location desired and release the mouse button.