WITHDRAWAL from the college policy:
Students who feel that it is necessary to withdraw from the college must notify the Counseling Office. An exit interview is required in order to constitute official withdrawal. Grades will then be assigned for official withdrawals from the college on the same basis as for official withdrawal from a course.
Step 1: Students will fill out the “Withdrawal Form.” They will sign and date it.
Step 2: Counselor will complete the “Withdrawal Form.” The original form is given to the Office of Records and Registration on the same day. (Note: The first three weeks of the semester, Admissions processes withdrawals for new students and forwards the information by email to the Office of Records and Registration, Financial Aid and Business Office for processing).
Step 3: Process withdrawal in Banner. Change status from “EL” to
WB – Before classes begin
WR – During the refund period
WC – After the census date
WD – Exceptions
Step 4: Drop classes using the effective date on the withdrawal form. Use the drop codes according to the withdrawal date for the part of term for each course. If the student has a course that is past the withdrawal date, do not drop it. A drop for those courses require special approval.
Status of WB and WR should auto populate the codes. Check to make sure all sections are dropped appropriately. Sometimes different parts of term need to be done manually. If a new student drops in the first 3 weeks of the semester (the ones that are done in the Admissions Office) and all their courses are dropped, change their student status in “Student Term” from “AS”, Active Student, to “IS”, Inactive Student.
Step 5: Sign and date the form. Give copies to the Business Office and Financial Aid Office (except for the ones that come from the Admissions Office).
Step 6: The Separation Notice needs to be typed once a month. Hold forms until the end of the semester. Withdrawal forms are needed to process the Title 4 report at the end of the semester. Then they can be scanned and filed in the student’s folder.
If a withdrawal is approved after the withdrawal date, process it using the date that the form was received. Follow all previous instructions. Also, send an email to the student notifying them that the late withdrawal was approved.