University Partners and Transfer Recommendation (Jan 2016)


To: Ms. Stephanie Reynolds, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Maryrose Eannace, Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs
Mr. James Maio, Associate Dean for Student Transition and Development
Ms. Marianne Buttenschon, Dean, BISS Center, and Chair, Strategic Planning Council
From: Enrollment Management Council
Date: January 29, 2016
Re: University Partnerships and Transfer Center Recommendation

In the Fall 2015 semester, 26% of the the enrolled students at MVCC identified as planning to transfer to a four-year institution after graduating from MVCC to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, and 51% of matriculated students were enrolled in AS and AA programs designed for transfer. Also, the Mohawk Valley lags behind comparable counties in degree attainment. Recent research conducted through the leadership academy at MVCC polled residents in local counties and 82% of the respondents expressed a desire to continue their education and 20.28% of respondents expressed a desire to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

The population of the Mohawk Valley requires a diverse set of pathways to Bachelor’s degree attainment across many fields. EMC would first like to affirm the positive steps that have already been taken toward this effort including the creation of the UPTC office and the recruitment of the university partners currently involved, and the intentional efforts to create a welcoming space for partners and students to enhance our transfer efforts.

EMC recommends that in order to attract students wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree here at MVCC that every effort be made to highlight the UPTC as a recruitment and enrollment tool. That marketing of the center includes external advertising to attract potential new students as the center continues to grow and assist current students with their transfer needs. In addition, we should begin to market the cost savings for local students and their families and the benefits to place-bound learners of enrolling as commuter students on MVCC’s campus for all four years to earn the Associate and Bachelor degrees.

EMC further recommends that the Academic Centers work to create a strong connection to the UPTC in an effort to strengthen our transfer agreements, expand our partner base, and create a network of inter-collegiate faculty who work together to strengthen the pathways for student transfer.