Title IV Refund List Revised

Title IV Refund List

(This is due 5 days after the end of the term)

1. Immediately after the final grade processing for each term, Kate will run two lists from ARGOS-TITLE IV. Report can be found in Argos, ONLINE ATTENDANCE, TITLE IV, MVSTUREF1 with Last Day Attended, REPORT. This report lists students alphabetically. The second list can be found in Argos, ONLINE ATTENDANCE, TITLE IV, MVSTUREF2 with Last Day Attended, REPORT. This report is listed by CRN. The lists are identical except that one is in CRN order and the other is by student name alphabetically. . These are lists of all courses of any student that did not receive a passing grade in any course. (In other words, the student received only F’s, W’s or NR’s). Or a combination of these grades.

2. We first check all official Withdrawals and enter that date for any students on the list. Using both lists, we then transfer the dates for the CRN list to the student name list. We then determine the last day of attendance from each particular student and put that date in the margin. If no attendance is there, and they received a grade of “F”, we then assume they came until the end. If no date is recorded for a “W”, we need to try to contact the instructor to find out the last date of attendance.

3. If the student has attended any classes at all, after the 9th week of classes, cross the student off the list. He is not eligible for Title IV refund. When figuring out dates do not include holidays or recess from school. Also, Terms A, B and H are pro-rated. For example: 8 week classes 2 ½ days equal one week and 5 week classes 1 2/3 days equal one week.

4. If the student has not attended any class after the 9th week of the term, check all the CRN’s and take the date that we determined was the very last day of attendance, and enter the date on the SGASTDN, comments tab using the exact format:
a. Example: 201308 IV 18-OCT

5. After all dates have been determined, we will then run a list through ARGOS-REGISTRAR-SHARED DOCUMENTS-TITLE IV REPORT to be given to Mike Adamo and Lisa Bullet. Keep a copy for our records.

Rev 9/24/15