Strategic Enrollment Plan

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Area IdentifiedEMC ActionOther ActionsSix-Month AssessmentOne-Year Assessment
NanotechnologyNanotechnology Recommendation to STEM, Cabinet, SPC sent May 1, 2015Information sessions held on June 23, July 14 & 23, August 12 (2015); A) Nanotechnology Information Session Flyer, B) Nano One Sheet ; C) NanoDay 2013 News Release; Newspaper Ads: D) Herkimer Telegram, E) Utica OD, F) Rome Sentinel Mechatronics Certificate; enrolled students for fall 2015 (2); new courses filled; Electric Service Technician enrollment up 21 percentFaculty host nano workshop to local K-12 teachers; MVCC partnered for Advance Manufacturing Day at SUNY Poly; MVCC hosted nanotechnology information sessions; Mechatronics offered at night
New Academic ProgramsAfter tabling this effort for more than a year it was determined not to be necessary.***
Non-Traditional LearnersEMC gathers updates on working adult efforts from ALS Sept. 2015 Part-time and Adult Learner recommendation made February 2016Tuesday evening business cohort developed; Significant recruitment and resources devoted to marketing program (link to materials?)Program launched July 2016 Projected enrollment: 20 Actual: 30 84 inquiries were received, 41 applied. 30 enrolled, 150% above projectionFirst cohort doing well. Development undertaken for evening cohort in criminal justice on the Rome campus and recruitment of second business cohort at Utica.
Transfer**UPTC progress with FIPSE grant and addition of new partnersContinued increase in number of partners in UPTC, data in strategic plan goal #2 progress reports.
Technical Programs*MVCConnect Article - Mechatronics (Page 38)**
Recruitment/Prep/OutreachA second major recommendation was made Spring 2017: Guided Career Pathways. After reviewing past enrollment data, EMC asked whether we could enroll more students, including parents of school aged children, students with summer jobs, and “bounce backs” from four year colleges, if we started the fall semester after Labor Day. EMC forwarded the “Post-Labor Day start” recommendation in September 2016.June 2016 Follow up meeting with M&C, Admissions, Career Services, Advising, and PSAT Associate Dean—initiate efforts.Cabinet approved the recommendation in fall 2016 and the BOT approved a change to the academic calendar for the 2017-18 academic year.*Enrollment for fall was higher than initially projected for new and current students. Enrollment of students in the five days before the start of classes and late student enrollment were both down compared to the previous year.
Data Informed Enrollment ProjectionsFall 2015, EMC begins gathering stratified historical enrollment data and trend line models and identifying supplemental concepts capable of bending trend lines. Goal is to build robust and dynamic enrollment projections. Fall 2015 Polynomial Data. Fall 2015 Linear Data. February 2016 Projections. Spring 2016 EMC created annual work calendar for regular enrollment projection updates to CabinetEMC Recruitment StrategiesEMC met enrollment projection deadlines for 2016-17 yearProjections were used by Cabinet as part of the budgeting process.
Adult Learner ****
UPTC and Completer Programs ****
Advanced Manufacturing ****