September 29, 2016

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Enrollment Management Council

September 29, 2016

Present: Shahida Dar, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Dan Ianno, Kristen Skobla, Tim Thomas
Excused: Lew Kahler

1. Trend Analysis update & next steps for projections

Matt presented several pages up updates to the trend analysis from last year. The difference between projected and actual was only 82 students (that’s with HS students still estimated), so overall we came very close. We have a little more time before the numbers and line graphs need to go to Cabinet, so we can continue to dig in with questions about populations or anything else.
  • Send your enrollment data questions or requests for additional data to Matt and Jen as they arise, and Matt will continue to research.
  • Think about “factors” that could bend trend lines up or down, and bring those to our next meeting.

2. Semester start data/recommendation

We reviewed the draft memo from Lew, and made several changes and additions including highlighting access for students and competitive advantage with other colleges. The group agreed that we could see an enrollment boost by making the start date later for fall 2017, even though it means a late change to the 2017-18 calendar.
  • Jen will send the revised memo draft our immediately with the goal of approval by email and submission to Cabinet by early next week.

3. Enrollment ideas & next steps

Discussion of the ideas submitted by employees via email was tabled for the next meeting. Rich will start work on the idea database/tracking table.

4. Recruitment Efforts-fall update

Jen noted that one item still to be added to the document is the College in the Prison Program (CIPP) formerly under CCED and now under Civic Responsibility in Student Affairs. Last fall there were 17 in the program, and this fall, 35, expected to increase when a second offsite location is added. There has been progress in tracking veteran student enrollment more accurately.

Next meeting: Thursday, October 13th 2-3 pm in PH391
Primary items will be:
  • Discussion of Enrollment ideas and next steps and selection of top research items.
  • Next steps for focus groups with employee volunteers.