September 21, 2018

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Chrono Ho, Kristen Skobla
Excused: Dan Ianno, Tim Thomas

1. Review of Fall Enrollment projection to actual

The lower than expected enrollment for fall18 to date was discussed. Factors:
  • We have heard that peer CCs upstate are generally worse than we are this fall.
  • There is a challenge of decreasing HS enrollment/graduates, which was anticipated.
  • The worst dual credit scenarios did not come to pass, so we could be buoyed by those numbers when they come in.
  • First time in several years that new and continuing enrollment down by the same percentage—one not better or worse. Similar with Rome—it is not sig. worse than Utica.
  • Online enrollment a tough situation. Demand is great, and Online SUNY is huge, but we are almost totally absent there, both with programs and with courses (because we aren’t even meeting demand of our native students.). However, internal factors limit additional offerings.
  • Are there noticeable differences by program or department? What do those relate to? Could be differences in recruitment and outreach, changes in marketability or interest in careers.
  • What can we do to reduce barriers? Increase credit for prior learning…offer more options for ESL enrollment as both CCED and Placement Testing notice student discouragement when they come in the summer and are told Wednesdays are only days.
  • How will Guided Pathways help both with intake and with retention?
  • At our next meeting we will review data from Matt to prepare preliminary projections.

2. Rome Campus Idea

There was initial discussion of this proposal. Some concerns include transport challenges for health career students. Matt Fikes was asked to look into the numbers provided and do some spot check verification if they are accurate. Next task is to further discuss pros and cons of moving the health programs to Rome to anchor enrollment growth there overall.

3. Review of plan for the year/next steps

We are scanning for a new member to replace Lew. If we know of someone who is very interested and wants to be fully engaged in our work/brings new perspectives or ideas, we can bring them in by adapting the membership list, so give some thought to it.

Key topics for this year should be Retention (what can everyone do across the College to increase this?) and asking more why questions about our data.
Next meeting: Friday, Oct. 5th, 11:05-11:55am