September 15

Enrollment Management Council

September 15, 2016

Present: Shahida Dar, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Dan Ianno, Lew Kahler, Kristen Skobla, Tim Thomas
Excused: Julie Dewan
1. Out of the Box
Tim opened up the discussion of retention with reference to the 2011 CCRC article sent by email, “Toward a New Understanding of Non-Academic Student Support: Four Mechanisms Encouraging Positive Student Outcomes at in the Community College” by Melinda Mechur Karp. Discussion focused all four aspects of student retention presented in the article and especially on the faculty advising process, gathering direct feedback from students, understanding student withdrawals, interventions and supports for student persistence in spite of personal obstacles, and access to support for General Studies and other students lacking clear goals and paths.
Efforts identified included: Advisement Design team and its recommendations, planned focus groups to gather information about enrollment processes and the student experience, the BEAM grant to reconnect dropouts to MVCC, and the C3 grant, AtD efforts, and the PGP grant (college coaches) all working toward catching students at risk, providing support, and connecting students to the right support person. Some of these efforts are launching or re-launching this fall.
  • EMC will return to the topic in about two months to ask about progress especially regarding the advising design team and the student focus groups.

2. Semester start data/recommendation
Dan raised the question of how our early start date this year (August 24th, the second to last Wednesday in August and eight class days before Labor Day weekend) impacted enrollment. We started three days (the week) before other SUNYs. This made it very difficult for students bouncing back from 4 year colleges, as well as parents with school age children, students with summer job commitments, and first generation students whose families don’t realize that we start so much earlier than they expect. There was discussion about academic calendar and the various constraints and parameters that have been established for the fall start date.
  • Dan will finish collecting the data to correlate later start dates in MVCC history with corresponding enrollment upticks.
  • Lew will draft a recommendation to Cabinet based on the data to recommend that the maximization of enrollment numbers and diversity be considering in the future when setting the calendar.

3. Community input-EMC email
The group discussed Dayton’s draft email to the college community to solicit ideas. A suggestion was made to ask for replies to the three questions followed by a request for volunteers willing to participate in a follow up focus group to discuss ideas in greater depth.
  • Dayton will add that language and send out a revision for review before sending to faculty/staff. The email reply address will be contactEMC at mvcc.edu.

Next meeting:
Thursday, Sept. 29th 2-3 pm in PH391
Primary item will be to begin to review trend data with fall 2016 census numbers included.
Contact Jen if you have an idea for “Out of the Box.”