September 10, 2015

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Enrollment Management Council

September 10, 2015 - Meeting Minutes

Present: Belinda Alvarado, Bob Decker, Jen DeWeerth, Matthew Fikes, Lew Kahler, Bill McDonald, Jake Mihevc.
Excused: Dan Ianno, Rich Haubert
1. Welcome New Members
New members, Bob and Belinda, were welcomed. Materials from last year were distributed: EMC Charter, 2014-2015 EMC Summary (dated May 28, 2015), and the Nano recommendation of May 1, 2015.
2. International Recruitment Workgroup
This group needs to be scheduled for a report in. Jen working with Chair Sara Miller for a date. Postscript: Oct. 8 2:00-2:30 pm.
3. Retention Measure for Strategic Plan
The group reviewed and discussed how retention should be measured in the new strategic plan (retention is one of 14 metrics for the five plan goals). Considerations will be summarized and sent to SPC.
4. Tracking Table
Lew and Jen presented an idea to track the recommendations and other actions of EMC as we continue to move forward from the enrollment survey and other data. A table format will allow us to continue in our non-traditional mode (thinking creatively rather than tracking progress of goals in an enrollment plan) but also develop a working document that will be helpful for accreditation/assessment and for sharing with the college community.
The following ideas were discussed:
  • Store the table in a wiki or somewhere people can find and access it.
  • fill it with live links to recommendations, results/outcomes, marketing pieces, CWCC forms, and more.
  • plan to move forward with 3-4 recommendations this fall, and 3-4 more in the spring
  • start with adult learner programs and the faculty creator handbook for new program development. An Int’l recruitment recommendation also makes sense for fall.
Next Steps
  • Jen talk with Rich about whether wiki is the right place to store.
  • Jen talk with Janet Visalli and others about adult learner program needs. (Also Carolyn DeJohn, who is launching a community needs assessment survey of the same.)
  • New members need to receive the 2014 Enrollment Survey of employees Postscript: Sent to EMC electronically 9/16/15. Having an accessible location for shared documents will help in the future.
  • Lew & Jake determine who should be invited to join the creator handbook workgroup.
  • Finalize EMC membership Postscript: Jason Carpenter (LAHS) will join.