September 1

Enrollment Management Council

September 1, 2016

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Dan Ianno, Lew Kahler, Kristen Skobla, Tim Thomas
1. Welcome and Overview
New members Kristen and Tim were welcomed to the group. We are able to “hit the ground running” because of continuity in our membership and the groundwork laid in our meetings last spring. We committed to 50 minute meetings with timed agenda items and action step wrap ups.

2. “Out of the Box”
In spite of a heavy focus for this year on data collection and analysis, enrollment projections, and tracking of recommendations and outcomes, we don’t want to lose our focus on creative, open-minded, and dynamic thinking for the purpose of making MVCC nimble and responsive to enrollment needs and opportunities. Jen led an exercise based on the week’s homework assignment related to Open SUNY and Online programs. The following were noted:
  • We don’t have a prominent presence on OpenSUNY;
  • It’s not just Herkimer—many of our CC peers had a range of programs listed;
  • Half the online programs in SUNY are CC/associate level;
  • Our School Facilities Management program is listed;
  • MVCC is committed to quality for all our programs and we won’t compromise that—how do we maintain academic standards for online?
  • We haven’t focused on the infrastructure to build online programs including: the means for “online only faculty” as many colleges do—we’ve skirted around that in contracts and policies (how would they show service to the College?)
  • We have had training for online teaching for some time via Norma and Jim in Ed Tech
What new programs could be created with a built in market that could work well?
Example: like the NY state school building staff who’ve done the FSM program, what about law enforcement across the state who want a college degree in law enforcement?

Next steps:
    • Tim volunteered to lead the next “Out of the Box” exercise.
    • Dan also suggested an out of the box conversation about returning to the question of a calendar to support a later fall semester start date or offer late start options for students who return home from four year colleges or have children in school.

3. Old Business
a) EMC Work Calendar
Jen and Matt presented a draft calendar for the Council’s work in order to meet Cabinet’s need for data as part of the budget process. The group agreed to change the Oct. 1 submission to Cabinet to Oct. 15 to allow time for analysis and consideration after the census date, and to add a date of March 15 for the final submission of data to Cabinet since that is when they are making major budget decisions.
b) Community input/data collection
Dayton provided an update on his remarks at the all faculty meeting. He urged faculty to send suggestions to him or Jen if they have ideas of new programs or program changes that could positively impact enrollment. There was discussion about how to follow up. Many faculty and staff are not aware of the work EMC is doing. We can all network with other groups/departments and ask whether they would like a visit from EMC to learn more about our work.
    • Dayton will send an email from EMC and urge them to reply with ideas.
    • Shahida will follow up at Faculty Caucus and propose a January Institute session.
    • Lew and Rich will design an outline for a focus group session.
c) Report on Recruitment Initiative results
Dan provided an update on the January 2016 document with target numbers. There are some successes including:
  • Tuesday evening business cohort (target 20) had 84 inquiries, 41 applications, and ended up with 30 students enrolled. (Can a new cohort start spring 2017?)
  • Veteran enrollment seems to be up but too early to know the numbers
  • Heard to measure UPTC generally, but we did enroll 14 via Utica Advantages (referred from UC)
  • So far the Oneonta program is a wash because the UC transfer program went down.
  • NYC recruitment a huge success for lots of effort. Target was 20, and the bus trip in May yielded 34 students bringing us up 61.8% compared to last fall.

There was additional discussion about International students. For new students we are at 27 compared to 21 last year, so 6 more rather than the target of 9 more. However, some are coming in spring, so more increase possible then. Dayton reported on Taylor’s recruiting trips as well as the strong interest in a short summer intensive non-credit program that could serve as a recruiting ground for credit students. Students have responded with interest to our new Intensive English Program.

Next steps:
  • Matt will begin work on updating the projections following the census date on Sept. 14.
  • Launch our idea database with “having later fall start date(s)” and “Develop online only programs with built in markets” as the first two items.

Next meeting:
Thursday, Sept. 15th 2-3 pm in PH391