Sample Project Timelines

The following is guidance on approximately how long some projects take, but please keep in mind that each project's timeline will be dependent on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • Client Preparation
  • Completeness of Content
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Priority Level
  • Marketing Workload
  • Budget

A major factor in timing is whether a project must go out for a quote or bid. Quotes can be had in a matter of days. Bids take up to two months. See Marketing.Purchasing for more of this information.

Your mileage may vary!

Sample Projects:

College Viewbook9 months
College Catalog4 - 6 months
Student Handbook4 months
Event Promotional Materials (high quality)8 weeks
Event Promotional Materials (quick and dirty)2 weeks
Admissions Publications4 - 8 weeks
Complex Brochures6 - 12 weeks
Tri-fold Brochures3 - 5 weeks
One-Sheets2 - 3 weeks
Posters1 - 2 weeks
Postcards2 - 3 weeks
Videos (YouTube Quality)2 - 3 weeks
Videos (TV Quality)4 - 8 weeks
Web Pages1 - 7 days
Custom Web Pages2 weeks - 1 month
Social Media Initiatives2 - 7 days
News Releases1 - 14 days
Press Conferences1 - 2 weeks
Magazines/Newsletters1 - 2 months
Photography Requests48 hours in advance
Mass Quantity Promo ItemsYearly
Custom Promo Items6 - 8 weeks