SUNY Canton Dental Hygiene Program

Advising Prospective SUNY Canton Dental Hygiene Students

SUNY Canton and MVCC are joint sponsors of the Dental Hygiene program that is currently offered in the Rome area. Since SUNY Canton is the primary sponsor of this program, students must seek admission through SUNY Canton, will pay SUNY Canton tuition, and will earn their degree from SUNY Canton. It is anticipated that MVCC advisors and other staff may be asked to guide prospective dental hygiene students through course selections as they complete pre-requisite courses for this program. The following information may be helpful to you in this situation.


SUNY Canton accepts a class of 25 students each fall. This is an AAS program that
can be completed in two years, as long as all pre-requisites (and in most cases, some
general education requirements) are completed prior to admission. Admission to the
program is highly competitive; we generally have anywhere from 80-100 applicants
each year. Applications are due February 1st and acceptance letters are mailed by
early March. SUNY Canton automatically reserves 5 slots for MVCC transfers.


SUNY Canton does not accept students straight from high school so they will be looking to take general education courses at MVCC before applying to the program. Minimum requirements for admission include:
1. Regents level Chemistry with a minimum of 75 on the NYS Regents Exam
2. 2 years of Regents level Math in with a minimum of 75 on the NYS Regents Exam
3. College level Anatomy & Physiology I

All pre-requisites must be completed prior to by the application deadline. Any general education courses “in progress” during the spring semester will not be taken into consideration when reviewing applications.

Students who DO NOT meet the minimum admission requirements may satisfy them at MVCC by taking the following:

1. MVCC BI 216 A&P I and BI 217 A&P II (with a lab)

2. MVCC Chemistry with a lab (Dean Erickson approved CHEM 111 as an equivalent)
Chemistry 091, 092, and 095 are NOT satisfactory, even though the student may need to complete these courses in order to register for BI 216 and BI 217.

3. MVCC MA115 Intermediate Math


Once matriculated into the dental hygiene program students are required to complete the following general education requirements. Students looking to fill their schedules while working on the pre-requisites at MVCC should be advised to take these courses:

Microbiology (BI 201)
Psychology (PY 101)
Sociology (SO 101)
Cultural Anthropology (AN 102)
Oral and Written Communication (EN 110 preferred but EN 101, 102, 147 or other SUNY Gen Ed #10 Basic Communication approved course will count)

Completing some, if not all, of these General Education courses prior to matriculation into the Dental Hygiene program increases the student’s likelihood of success. Doing so will allow adequate study time for the rigorous dental sciences and clinical rotations.

We rank all of the applicants and those applicants who have earned an A or a B in Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II as well as Microbiology earn extra points on the ranking form since they have demonstrated academic excellence in the lab sciences. (C or C+ will not earn any points. Ds are not transferable and the student will lose points on the ranking form for a D or a F in one of the science courses)

In addition, applicants earn extra points for their GPA. Minimum GPA of 2.85 required.

Questions may be directed to:
Pamela Quinn, Dental Hygiene Program Director: quinnp at canton.edu

CC: Stephanie Verostek