STEM Center

STEM Center

The Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Center) prepares students in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, technologies and trades, whether seeking a one-year certificate, an associate's degree, transfer to a four-year institution or beyond.

Engineering and Physical Sciences programs are the gateway to four-year degrees and work in the exciting scientific professions. These programs lay the foundation for advanced learning with transfer agreements to many of the nation's top four-year engineering universities. Students will be challenged with hands-on experience in chemistry, physics, chemical technology and engineering.

Engineering Technologies and Trades programs train students for exciting and fruitful careers. Most programs in this area provide the background and experiential learning needed for immediate entry into the workforce or transfer to a four-year college or university. Students can focus on specialties such as air conditioning, welding, carpentry and masonry, manufacturing, and more.

Center Faculty & Staff

STEM Main Office

Seyed Akhavi - Dean
Heather Kesterson - Assistant Dean
Robert Decker - Director - Engineering Technologies Program (Professor-Electrical Engineering Technology)
Brittany Fuller - Senior Office Specialist I

Sean Davis - Instructor - Mathematics
Gary Kulis - Associate Professor - Mathematics
Gabriel Melendez - Associate Professor - Mathematics
Robert Mineo - Instructor - Mathematics
Nelissa Nowicki - Assistant Professor - Mathematics
Russell Penner - Assistant Professor - Mathematics
Anna Radlowski - Assistant Professor - Mathematics
Norayne Rosero - Professor - Mathematics
Thomas Schink - Assistant Professor - Mathematics
John Swistak - Assistant Professor - Mathematics
Engineering Technologies

Glenn Ballard - Instructor - Electrical Engineering Technology
Jeffrey Birt - Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Alan Chace - Assistant Professor - Surveying Technology
James Fiore - Professor - Electrical Engineering Technology
William Hunt - Instructor - Electrical Engineering Technology
Marek Koscinski - Technical Assistant - Electrical Engineering Technology
Margaret Reilly - Assistant Professor - Civil Engineering Technology
Nathan Roscup - Instructor - Mechanical Engineering Technology
David Smith - Technical Assistant - Engineering Technologies and Applied Technologies
Applied Technologies

Bryan Alguire - Associate Professor - Machinist Technology
Jose Huertas - Instructor - Welding
Brian Judycki - Associate Professor - Computer Aided Drafting, Geospatial Technology
William Judycki - Professor - Electrical Engineering Technology
Kenneth Klein - Assistant Professor - Refrigeration Technology
Ricardo Rosero - Assistant Professor - Carpentry
Michael Sorrentino - Associate Professor - Welding Technology
Engineering and Physical Science

Joyce Baumann - Assistant Professor - Chemistry
Shahida Dar - Assistant Professor - Physics
Amanda L. Miller - Instructor - Chemistry
Fumin Pan - Assistant Professor - Chemistry
Derrick Stevens - Instructor - Physics
Tim Thomas - Instructor - Chemistry
Matthew Waldron - Technical Assistant - Chemistry
Barbara Wilson - Technical Assistant - Physics
Airframe and Powerplant Technology

Walter Constantini – Director – Airframe and Powerplant Technology
Peter Abbe – Instructor – Airframe and Powerplant Technology
Thomas Jennings – Assistant Professor – Airframe and Powerplant Technology
Todd Rankins – Assistant Professor – Airframe and Powerplant Technology