Rhoads General Hospital

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Rhoads General Hospital

(There was a general plan at the outset that the Industrial-Technical Division of the New York State Institute of Applied Arts & Sciences at Utica would be located at the former Rhoades General Hospital, a 3,000 bed military hospital)

(Excerpt from Associate Press story, September 19, 1946) –“…Negotiations for the lease of the Day School property and a portion of Rhoads will be conducted by Trustees J. David Hogue and Haig K. Bogoshian of Utica, and John Gualtieri of Rome. …Just what agency the committee will conduct (sic) in negotiating a lease of a portion of Rhoads was not clear yesterday. John A. Kervick, regional director of the Federal Housing Authority, announced Monday that 18 buildings there have been turned over to the state to provide 150 dwelling units for veterans. He said the balance of the hospital was in custody of the War Assets Administration.
While it was not the original intention to provide housing facilities for resident students at the institute, trustees discussed the possibility of using one or more buildings at Rhoads to house student veterans, in the event the industrial-technical division is established there….”

As of opening day for the Institute, in 1946, it was projected that nine former barracks buildings at Rhoads General Hospital, a military hospital created to serve GI’s, would be turned over for use by the Institute for electrical, mechanical and textile technology classes. State officials were checking over available equipment at the former hospital, some of it earmarked for the Institute, some for Mohawk College, which would also operate on the Rhoads site.

(Utica Daily Press via AP, Feb 22, 1947) – “Albany Gets Assurance 9 Rhoads Buildings Earmarked for Institute – Assurance that nine buildings formerly part of Rhoads Hospital, Utica, have been earmarked for use of the Utica Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences was received here yesterday.
The assurance removes the principal bottleneck in the proposed expansion of the Utica school, which now plans to go ahead as quickly as machinery can be obtained in setting up mechanical, electrical and textile courses for a maximum of 200 students.
Meanwhile the retail training branch in the former Utica Country Day School will increase its enrollment toward a maximum of 300.
It was also indicated by Harold Jarvie, director of the statewide program, that the school may waive its priority to the Rhoades structures in favor of Mohawk College if facilities for the technical training can be found in downtown Utica.
In that event, Mohawk College would take over nine buildings – five connected wards that were never used for that purpose, and four separate warehouses – and expand its own student body accordingly.
State Housing Commissioner Herman T. Stichman said last night he had obtained an agreement whereby the Associated Colleges would be permitted to take a rent-free, five-year lease on three upstate properties scheduled to be sold or leased by the War Assets Administration.
The properties, at Plattsburg, Sampson and the former Rhoads Hospital, used by the Associated Colleges of New York under the veteran’s emergency educational program….”

According to a very early annual report (not dated, 1947? 1948?) “The original plans for the technical department involved the use of nine buildings located at what was formerly Rhoads Army Hospital. The cost of putting these buildings in condition for use, and the lack of means of transportation between the hospital and the building housing the Retail Business and General Education Departments, resulted in the abandonment of the buildings and the selection of a location in the center of Utica.

(Feb 10, 1950, Utica Newspapers) – The City of Utica sought State approval to annex the Rhoads Hospital site. “The General Services Administration awarded 137 acres of the former Rhoads Hospital property to the city last November as a site for a municipal stadium and a physical education center. With the property, the city got 23 buildings. The property is situated in the Town of New Hartford, state legislation is required to annex it to the city.”

Basketball Team – Was coached by Alphonse “Funzi” Rienzo – who later coached at NYSIAAS and at Waterville Central. It was at Rhoads Hospital that Rienzo-coached teams made their biggest name as they were required to meet Colgate, St. Lawrence, Clarkson and Ithaca College in addition to strong military installation team. The hospital was represented on the court during the 1943 through 1945 seasons and in one campaign compiled a 15-3 record.

(February 1960, Utica Newspapers) – “… Notre Dame High School will be located on the former Rhoads site on Burrstone Rd….”