Refund Dates Instructions


One month or so before the semester begins, run report in ARGOS for all part-term H classes. Go to Registrar-Refund Dates Report. You may save this as an excel report. Next you must figure out all dates for each CRN as follows:
Any class 40 calendar days and under:
CENSUS DATE: 20% of the length of the class (# of days) rounded up excluding when classes are not in session.
WITHDRAWAL DATE: I have a list written out by number of days of course or you may multiply the number of days of the course by .733.
Any class over 40 days (8 wks), will need all dates for 75%, 50%, 25% (census date) & withdrawal dates. To figure out these dates you must first figure out how many days are in the census period & divide by three rounding off if necessary. For example if the class is 50 days multiply 50 X 20% to get the Census Date. That equals 10 days. You must then divide 10 by 3. This will give you the following:
75% = 4 days after beginning date
50% = 3 days after beginning date
25% = 3 days after beginning date (same as census date)

You must also figure out the withdrawal date for all CRNs using above procedure.

After figuring out all dates, I put them on the excel sheet. Lastly, I put all the census dates in ARGOS going to: REGISTRAR-UPDATES & INSERTS-OTHER- UP_SSBSECT_CENSUS_ENRL. This will populate them in Banner in SSASECT.
I follow the same procedure for CCED classes (Pt. Term X), except only the census date needs to be figured out and entered in ARGOS.