Recruitment Strategies with numbers fall 2016 Update

Recruitment Strategies – New Cohorts – For Fall 2016

Key points regarding numerical enrollment projections:
  • The number projected is for 2016-17. The projection is to be considered a “stake in the ground” that will then continue to yield additional enrollment in future. In some cases the investments made in 2016-17 will not reach full pay off for several years.
  • Numbers listed reflect net increases of new fall students, so does not include a case in which a student currently enrolled in one education program switches to the new Oneonta program.
  • Actual numbers are for fall. In some cases more gains are expected in spring.

1. BISS/ Business Management, evening/weekend cohort program

Projected: 20 Actual: 30
84 inquiries were received, 41 applied. 30 enrolled, 150% above projection.

2. Veteran Students

Projected: 10 (15% increase) Actual: -2 (-3%)

Offices are currently working to understand how we count this population; currently students don’t always understand the question on the application. The original estimate of +30 was for the total population rather than new, so it has been revised. A 15% increase from the new fall 2015 population of 68 would have been 78. Instead there are 66 new veteran students registered fall 2016. While there may be a slight decline in veterans in the county, there is still opportunity for more recruiting, for example, at Fort Drum for our airframe program, and reaching out to Veteran’s groups. Retention and graduation have potential to improve as well because of improvements in our support resources for veteran students.

3. UPTC and Oneonta

Projected: 45 (15 UPTC and 30 Oneonta) Actual: 14

This is the Utica College advantage number. Beyond that it is hard to know how to measure the impact of UPTC for enrollment. To date the gains in the renewal of the Oneonta program have come at the expense of the other education programs.

4. New York City Recruitment

Projected: 20 Actual: 34

Prime mover was the May SUNY Welcome Center NYC bus trip. 51 rode on the bus. 46 scheduled, and 34 ended up enrolled for fall. New residence hall students from NYC went from 55 (2015) to 89 (2016), and increase of 61.8%.

5. International Students

Projected: 9 Actual: 6

21 new students last fall. 27 this fall, with more expected for spring to meet the annual goal of 9 additional for this year or surpass it.

6. College in the Prison Program (CIPP)

Projected: 34 (100% increase) Actual: 35

With increased grant funding, the program that had 17 in fall 2016 has 35 in fall 2016, and expects continued growth when it launches at a second site.

Total net increase in enrollment as a result of these efforts=
Projected: 121 Actual: 100