Program Enrollment Data

Open the workbook (below) and update with information from ESS for program headcount and SORYSTU for billing hours. The file is also found on the web in our Surveys and Data page. This information will change soon: Replace the source file in the CMS dashboard to keep the current file available.

SELECT tblPrograms_Jims.F16_Dept AS Dept, tblPrograms_Jims.BANNER_ProgCode AS Code, tblPrograms_Jims.BANNER_ProgDescription AS Title, [BANNER_ProgCode] & " - " & [BANNER_ProgDescription] AS Program, ESS_S17.SOBYSDS_PIDM AS Pidm, IIf([SOBYSDS_TOTAL_CREDITS]>=12,"FT","PT") AS St, Sum(sectionbillhrs(Right([SORYSTU_CAMP_SECTION_ID],5),201701)) AS Bill FROM (ESS_S17 INNER JOIN tblPrograms_Jims ON ESS_S17.MVCC_Program = tblPrograms_Jims.BANNER_ProgCode) INNER JOIN SATURN_SORYSTU ON (ESS_S17.SOBYSDS_PIDM = SATURN_SORYSTU.SORYSTU_PIDM) AND (ESS_S17.SOBYSDS_TERM_CODE = SATURN_SORYSTU.SORYSTU_TERM_CODE) GROUP BY tblPrograms_Jims.F16_Dept, tblPrograms_Jims.BANNER_ProgCode, tblPrograms_Jims.BANNER_ProgDescription, [BANNER_ProgCode] & " - " & [BANNER_ProgDescription], ESS_S17.SOBYSDS_PIDM, IIf([SOBYSDS_TOTAL_CREDITS]>=12,"FT","PT");

Program Enrollment Workbook: