Priority Registration Set Up

Priority Registration Set up

1. In Argos:
a. Go to Registrar, then to Updates/Inserts
Run sfrgrup_matric to get all the Matriculated students for a particular semester.
This will create records in table sfbgrp for current semester matric students based on their cumulative earned hours. It will also create records in table sfbwctl for each of the earned hour groups created.
Run Sfrgrup_all for Summer and Intercession when necessary. This gives all students a priority group, whether matriculated or not. This will create records in sfbrgrp for either Summer or Intersession with an Active General Student status of SGBSTDN_STST_CODE_ =“AS”. It will also create one record in sfbwctl for all students.
You need to set up summer in February, so you run the sfrgrup_ all program only.
You need to set up Fall in April, run only the sfrgrup_matric
When you set up Spring Prescheduling, you also set up for Intercession, so run sfgrup_matric for Spring, Sfgrup_all for Intecession
b. Go to Registrar
Run Count_sfgrup. Print Out. This gives you the count, per group. You will use these numbers to set up the Priority Times.

2. In Banner:
a. GTVSDAX – look for internal code: WEBRESTTKT, group: WEBREG. External code Y – Restricted Registration, only students with a priority time can register. This is what is used during the Priority time
External code N – Unrestricted registration. Students without priority times can register at any time. What we use after the Priority time has passed.
b. Set up SFARCTT Put in the dates/ times for the groups.
c. Set up SFARCTL Put in the groups and priority time numbers.
d. If you want to add a student manually or view their priority time, look in SFARGRP

3. Back to ARGOS
a. After the tables are set in Banner, go back to ARGOS and create the email for the students to be informed of their priority times.
b. Argos
c. Reggen
d. Registration
e. Priority
i. List for Mail Merge – This will create the email address csv.file for the email. Save file.
4. Go to the Start Menu to Microsoft Office Access
i. Get a blank database, name it and save. Click Create.
ii. Close the table that comes up. Get External data, then text file. Click on Excell.csv.file, then open.
iii. Import source data in a new table in the correct database. OK.
iv. Click delimiter then next
v. Text qualifier “the name of the csv file you saved from ARGOS” (in double quotes)
vi. Chose delimiter that separates.
vii. Click first on contains field names
viii. Click Finish
ix. Creates the database. Close Access
b. Creating the Letter
i. In my documents, find the letter, either modify it or create in new one in Microsoft Word.
ii. Insert the date and other modifications.
iii. Go to the top and click on Mailings
iv. Start Mail Merge
v. Select Recipients, select ‘ existing list’
vi. Select the access database you created
vii. Highlight the first name label, click on the first name field
viii. Modify the fields, insert merge field with the date and time
ix. Complete the merge, making sure that you set the email account to the mywebscheduling at mvcc.edu email account.
c. IMPORTANT: After Priority Registration dates end, you have to go back into GTVSDAX, check the N and then go into SFARCTT and extend the priority time slots so both non-matric and matrics will be able to schedule.