Prerequisite Check Procedures

Prerequisite/Corequisite Check Procedure

1. Log in to Argos
a. Select MVCCà Student Service Centerà Prereqsà Course Scheduled but NO or Failed Prerequisiteà Excel Report
b. Select Term
c. Enter Subject and Course # of class you want to check
d. Select Execute (DO NOT hit “Enter” on keyboard)
e. A list of students who do not meet the prerequisite requirement will preview in the bottom box
2. Save the list by selecting the floppy disk icon
a. Rename document
b. Hit save
c. Click OK
3. Open up saved document
4. Check to see if each student on list meets the prerequisite/corequisite requirement.
a. Note: Do not check any non-matriculated students on list
b. Copy M #
c. Go to Banner
d. Go to SFAREGS
e. Enter Term
f. Paste M# into ID Field
g. Find CRN for class which you are checking
h. Go to SSAPREQ
i. Enter Term and CRN
j. Page Down twice to get over to “Section Test Score and Prerequisite Restrictions”
k. A list will show what the prerequisite/corequisite requirements are for that class
l. Go to SFARHST to see if student completed the prerequisite course with a passing grade or is registered for the required corequisite
i. If so, stop your search and move on to the next student on the list
ii. If not, move on to next step
m. Go to SFASRPO
n. Input M# and Term
o. Check and see if the student has an override for the course which you are checking
i. If so, stop your search and move on to the next student on the list
ii. If not, move on to next step
p. Log on to Onbase
i. Select Registrar and all proceeding document types
ii. Input Student ID and hit enter
iii. Look for a Drop/Add slip or a Course Selection Form with an override signature for the class which you are checking
1. If so, stop your search and move on to the next student on the list
2. If not, move on to next step
q. Go to SFASTCA in Banner
i. Input Term and ID
ii. Page Down
iii. Review student audit to see if the front counter overrode prerequisite error for class
1. User will be a staff member
2. Message will say Prerequisite and Test Score Error
3. Error Flag will say “O”
4. If this is the case, the Drop/ Add Slip or the Course Selection Form may not be scanned, indexed, and committed yet. Check at the front counter and back scanning room for necessary paperwork and signature.
5. Note: When a student is registering on the web, sometimes the system overrides the prerequisite error after a number of attempts of the student trying to register. This is a system error. If the student doesn’t have the necessary prerequisite requirements or an override, he or she still does not meet the prerequisite requirements even when the system automatically overrides the error message.
6. If there is an override with appropriate paperwork/signature, stop your search and move on to the next student on the list
7. If not, move on to next step
r. If the student does not meet the prerequisite/corequisite requirements, remove the student from the course which you are checking
i. Go to SFAREGS
ii. Input Term and ID #
iii. Page Down
iv. Arrow Down to desired class
v. Update the status with “DB”
vi. Click F10 to save
s. Email any dropped students with the following email message
i. “Good afternoon, You have been removed from one or more of your INPUT SEMESTER classes because you have not satisfied the prerequisite or registered for the corequisite to take the course. Please keep in mind that this could affect your financial aid and full time status. If you think an error has been made, please contact me immediately. If you wish to schedule another course, please consult with your Academic Advisor before doing so. You may view your updated schedule or make changes to your schedule in SIRS.”
ii. The Subject Line of the email can be “Important Schedule Changes”
5. Helpful Tips:
a. It is easier to run the report, check all students on the list for requirements, and then remove any necessary students from their courses and do a mail merge via email to notify them of being dropped for not satisfying prerequisite/corequisite requirements. It will save time from dropping and emailing individually after each check. If you are checking multiple classes, you can remove and do a mail merge after all classes are checked. Make sure to make note of which students need to be removed from which courses. I suggest starting a new excel document and keeping track of the students that way.
b. If you are checking multiple courses for students without the prerequisite/ corequisite, it may be easier to run the report for each class in Argos and save each in a defined location. You can then move through each report without having to go back to Argos each time to run the report for the next class.
c. Keep track of the prerequisite requirement for each course as it will be easier to reference if students email or call once they are notified.