Part-time and Adult Learner Recommendation (Feb 2016)


To: Ms. Stephanie Reynolds, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Maryrose Eannace, Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs
Mr. Jim Maio, Associate Dean for Student Development and Transition Services
Ms. Marianne Buttenschon, Dean, BISS Center and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
From: Enrollment Management Council
Date: February 29, 2016
Re: Part-time Students and Adult Learners

Engaging and recruiting part-time students, especially adult learners, is essential to the College’s enrollment plan. The community’s traditional aged high school graduating population is flat for the foreseeable future, and there is increased competition for full time traditionally aged students from public and private four year colleges and out of the area community colleges.

A somewhat more open opportunity includes non-traditional age students including those who would be attracted to part time study options. Historically, MVCC has not attracted part-time students at the same rate nor with the same full-time to part-time enrollment ratio as comparable comprehensive community colleges.

EMC would first like to affirm the positive steps that have already been taken toward this effort including the creation and launch of a cohort-based evening business program for adult learners.
It is the recommendation of EMC that all efforts be made to promote this new venture and to support the effort to enhance our offerings designed for part-time students and adult learners.

EMC recommends that in order to better understand the needs of part-time students and adult learners, a comprehensive data collection effort be made to understand the strengths and the areas for improvement in the new business cohort-model. Every effort should be made to understand how this type of program can be sustainably grown and replicated with other programs.

EMC further recommends that in addition to the traditional quantitative data collected at the College, the College also engage in a holistic approach to data collection and analysis including qualitative data collection designed to help us better understand the unique needs of these students.