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June/July 1969

The Evening & Extension Division was re-named as the Division of Continuing Education.

March 1975

Trustees approved a reorganization of academic departments into four divisions: Business, science and technology, public service and communication arts, to take effect by end of the fall quarter.

June 1975

Trustees approved the appointment of four division deans: Carolyn Evans, Business Division; William Pulhamus, Division of Mathematics, Science & Technology; Dr. Beverly Warner, Division of Public Services; and Roy Mitchell, Division of Humanities & Communications. Business Division included programs in accounting, banking, business administration, retail business management and secretarial science. Division of Mathematics, Science & Technology included programs in science, science laboratory technician, engineering science, civil technology, electrical technology, electrical service technician, mathematics. Health & Social Services Division included programs in human services, social science, criminal justice, nursing, and respiratory therapy certificate. Humanities & Communications Division included programs or courses in advertising, English, film, fine arts, foreign language and music.

March 1979

Following the dismissal of Dean of Academic Affairs Robert Barde, the senior administration of the College was reorganized. Dean of Community Services John Cavan became Vice President for Instruction, combining academic affairs and community services responsibilities. Dean of Student Affairs Lewis White became Vice President for Student Services. Dean of Business Affairs J. Paul Graham became Vice President for Administrative Services. At the same time, associate deans of four academic divisions became full deans, with more autonomy. They were Carolyn M. Evans, Division of Business; John McMillan, Division of Mathematics, Science & Technology; Beverly A. Warner, Division of Public Services, Health & Social Sciences; and Frank Jackson, Division of Humanities & Communications.


(March 28, 1985, Utica Daily Press) – “MVCC reorganization plan recommended – Mohawk Valley Community College would eliminate four deanships and five academic departments under a draft reorganization plan presented yesterday to the MVCC Faculty Senate…. Thomas Brown, vice president for instruction, said the plan would cut the number of departments from 19 to 15, but 11 academic programs actually would be consolidated and the college also would create a new Learning Resources Department to replace the Library.
Alice Griffith, current library director, holds a dean’s position. Her job would be eliminated, as would those of John T. Dizer, dean of technology and business; Beveraly Warner, dean of public and health services; and Frank M. Jackson, dean of humanities and communications.
The draft plan would create a new Health Services Department that would combine the nursing, medical records and respiratory therapy programs, as well as taking in two certificate programs for medical assistants and dentals assistants.
A new Science Department would combine physics, biology, chemistry and food services. The criminal justice and social science programs would be combined in one department, as would civil and mechanical technology.
Brown said no one at the college will lose his job. Some deans and department heads may decide to accept early retirement, while others may return to teaching or other positions at the college, he said.
However, MVCC President Michael Schafer said some people would probably suffer pay cuts if they stepped down to other positions. …”
(Also see “Controversies” section) (Plan was approved by Trustees in May 1985 in a 5-3 vote)

In July, 1985, several new instructional departments were created, and department heads were named, as follows:
- Life Science Dept, Assistant Professor Robert Jubenville
- Mechanical & Civil Engineering Technology, Professor John McMillan
- Physical Science, Dr. Francis Dunning, Professor
- Social Science & Criminal Justice, Dr. Rose Danella, Professor
- Business Management, Associate Professor Donald Reese
- Health Services, Professor Nancy Green
- Learning Resources, Dr. Frank Jackson


The Department of Corporate and Community Programs was re-named the Department of Corporate and Customized Training.


The Corporate & Customized Training Programs Department was re-named Center for Community & Economic Development