Open SUNY and Online Enrollment

OUT OF THE BOX exercise for September 1, 2017 EMC meeting
Open SUNY and Online Enrollment


As you can see from the agenda, we have a new standing item designed to keep us creative even as we zero in on a year focused on data collection and enrollment projections. To prepare for the item at Thursday’s meeting, please do this 10-15 minute research and thought exercise to get our minds warmed up in the direction of enrollment:

Thought Exercise #1

OpenSUNY is the landing page and major initiative for online courses and programs via SUNY. Recently Open SUNY launched a new effort to see how the website can be turned into a recruitment and enrollment tool for all of us within SUNY. Often SUNY enrollment initiatives are focused on the four year “SUNY Ops,” but in this case, fully 50% of what is available through Open SUNY is community college/associate degree level.

  1. Visit the Open SUNY, www.open.suny.edu, a web link that would come up if you were looking for online education. Try searching for associate degrees in business, social science, or another field of interest. What programs and institutions are there or not there?
  2. Next, for some background on how being on Open SUNY can impact recruitment, take a look at the nine short slides here (use the next arrow on the right of each page). You need to log in with your mvcc email address: Ranku (ran-koo) & Open SUNY presentation.
  3. Now a question: What three (3) questions could EMC put forward as a council by October 1 (and to whom) that could encourage MVCC in a direction to have more of a presence on Open SUNY, give more students around the state and country access to our courses, faculty and programs, and increase our enrollment?