Office Tools Tips and copier printer settup and use instructions

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Printer Setup

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Moving from computer to computer can be a frustrating process due to printer connections needing to be set up every time a person tries printing on a new machine. Follow these quick instructions to solve this issue.

1) Click on the Windows Start icon on the very bottom left of the screen.

2) type into the box titled "Search programs and files"
or if you have windows 10, just start typing after clicking the start button to bring up the start menu, the text will go into the white search box next to the start button
enter \\mvcc-print or \\mvcclabs-print depending on if you are in a lab or not.
Or if you are on the Rome campus, then \\rome-print

3) A window pops up with a list of printers, sorted by room number. Double click the one you want and it will install it on your computer.

4) You're done!

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Multi-function copier instructions for the Ricoh and Xerox printers

A document is attached at the bottom of this page under the 'Files' button. The document is titled "copier instructions".