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Aid for Part Time Students

Aid for Part Time Study General Guidelines.pdf
Aid for Part Time Study General Guidelines.docx

Blank Schedules

A blank schedule that can be helpful when planning a semester with a student. Also includes a credit total and Faculty Advisor information.

Schedule Re-design.pdf

Withdrawal Form

We have made a revision to the Withdrawal form to include an item for people receiving veteran’s benefits. Please be sure to screen the withdrawals you see and ask them if they are currently receiving Veteran’s benefits. Please note:
• They do not have to be a veteran themselves to be eligible to receive these funds (think spouses and dependents).
• Additionally, even if you look in banner at the bill, all types of veterans payments are not paid directly to the school.

This is why it is imperative that you ask “Are you currently receiving Veteran Benefits?” If the answer is Yes, please see if Tae is available to meet with them. DO NOT PROCESS THE WITHDRAWL without the student speaking to TAE. Students need to make the best, most informed decision about their withdrawal. They may not understand how this action may impact current or future veteran’s education benefits. If Tae is unavailable, please have the student make an appointment at the desk to see her. Every effort should be made to ensure this is a timely process.

MVCC Withdrawal Form SP 15 revise.dot
MVCC Withdrawal Form SP 15 revise.pdf

Change of Major Form

Change of Major Form

Re-Matriculation Form

Re-Matriculation Form