October 27, 2016

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Enrollment Management Council

October 27, 2016

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Dan Ianno, Tim Thomas
Excused: Lew Kahler, Kristen Skobla,
1. Enrollment ideas & next steps
There was a discussion of the enrollment ideas. Some ideas relate to branding MVCC by marketing focus on signature programs. Other ideas relate to developing programs or updating programs in ways that meet employer needs or relate to employment. Is there overlap with the President’s Future Forums? Who on campus has the knowledge of companies with employee tuition reimbursement? How would we go about adding relevant course preparation for the gaming industry (business, hospitality and tourism)? Several examples of both successful and not yet successful business partnerships were discussed (Bartell, Chobani, Verizon, DFAS, Remington Arms, etc.) Are there opportunities to partner more with Corey Albrecht (advanced manufacturing)? As soon as we have leads and questions, they could be taken to Associate Deans for more follow up, but if they don’t have all the answers we can offer research assistance.

2. Focus Groups
There were questions about what kind of questions to ask and whether they’d end up being very individual and specific if just follow up to the questions sent by email. It was determined that focus groups are not our next step, but rather follow up conversations with the people who submitted ideas that seem like they could have potential and/or where we want to know more about what they wrote.

3. Faculty Caucus Update
Shahida gave an update on her presentation to Faculty Caucus. People wanted to know what EMC is—Dayton’s announcement was too brief for them to understand what we are doing. Shahida gave the story of EMC since she came on a few years ago, including recommendations and projections. A question about EMC having someone who is working on micro-credentials and badges was answered by saying that Tim is on it.

4. Wrap up and next steps/assignments
Several people volunteered to contact idea contributors. Jen will send Shahida, Tim, and Dayton the names of those who sent the respective ideas.

Next meeting: Thursday, November 10th 2-3 pm in PH391
Primary items will be:
Report back on enrollment idea research
Determine next steps for getting word out to employees about what EMC is doing.