October 26, 2017

Present: Shahida Dar, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Chrono Ho, Dan Ianno, Lew Kahler, Kristen Skobla,
Excused: Julie Dewan, Tim Thomas


1) Jen thanked all for the work that went into the preliminary enrollment projection, and the comments and feedback on the draft. Narrative and data were both sent to our Cabinet liaison, VP Reynolds, on Monday, Oct. 16.

2) The floor was open for discussion of EMC next steps. What are areas EMC could explore for research, new recommendations that could increase enrollment strategically?

The question of increasing online courses/programs and hybrid courses/programs arose once again. Pros and cons were discussed. How can those areas grow while mitigating the high failure rate for online courses at MVCC? What about the limitations that exist because of our hands on programs as well as science labs that are hands on?

Hybrids have shown better student success outcomes at MVCC and in general. Pros include: opening up classroom space at peak periods. Better student learning outcomes, course completion. Challenges: hard for students to understand what hybrid is or find in course search if just stand alone (not part of a program). Hybrids can be flexible in terms of how many hours of in-class per week, depending on content and course design (everything from 1 hour to 2/3 of class time).

Could there be more online programs targeted programs where we have expertise that could expand our market beyond the Mohawk Valley, and not cannibalize our current on campus enrollment?

There was discussion about efforts underway such as Cybersecurity expanding into more hybrid courses, and the potential for online Law Enforcement program that would be of interest to law enforcement personnel across the state.

We aren’t trying to randomly capture a piece of the Open SUNY online market. Need to focus on areas we have existing faculty, access to faculty, program expertise. If hybrid or online expands, how do we provide faculty development to approach course design and teaching for a different model of teaching/learning?

How could the market research be done? What can be done via EMSI vs. knowing the programs? We’ve found it’s not always what we predict. DFAS didn’t want online. Our ALS market wanted on campus/hybrid not online.

3) Next step: Ask Julie and Tim how the topic of exploring more hybrid and online programs could be brought to the Associate Deans.

Next meeting: Thursday, Nov. 9. 2:15-3:15