October 13, 2016

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Enrollment Management Council

October 13, 2016

Present: Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Lew Kahler, Kristen Skobla, Tim Thomas
Excused: Shahida Dar, Dan Ianno
1. Trend Analysis & enrollment factors
There was discussion about an initial projection for fall 2017 based on trend data and supplemental concepts/factors. The preliminary projection is -3 percent, not counting possible change in start date for fall. Per Matt, spring census data will give an even more accurate projection for fall. Jen will send the data (Matt’s table, line graphs) plus the factors to our Cabinet liaison to meet the internal Oct. 15th deadline.

2. Enrollment ideas & next steps
The list of ideas received following Dayton’s email was discussed. Questions included: How to build the database? Several criteria were described, including potential impact, feasibility, time advisability, “ticklers” for checking back, and the process for moving forward. New program ideas would need to go to Associate Deans via conversation/meeting about why EMC thinks the idea has potential, as the AD would be looking at other research, cost and ROI, etc. Rich will build the database and we will discuss at the next meeting.
Specific attention was given to badges/micro-credentials, with the idea to wait while a faculty caucus groups investigates. Matt will also research DOL data on medical technologist, which another respondent mentioned.

3. Focus Groups
We have five names from the email, some of whom submitted an idea and some just volunteered. Everyone should send Lew at least one question that they would like asked in a focus group, which should help determine the shape of this effort. The questions can be general or specific to an idea listed; we can recruit focus group members from contributors even if they did not explicitly volunteer.

4. Wrap up and next steps/assignments
Jen-send first fall 2017 enrollment projection to Cabinet; Rich-build idea database; Matt-research specified ideas for new programs and DOL. _All-Send Lew focus group questions._

Next meeting: Thursday, October 27th 2-3 pm in PH391
Primary items will be:
Discussion of enrollment ideas, next steps, and selection of top research items.
Next steps for focus groups.