November 9, 2018

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Chrono Ho, Dan Ianno, Tim Thomas
Excused: Kristen Skobla

1. Admissions Report on Entering Class of 2018

Dan Ianno reviewed about a dozen pages of data including yield comparisons between 2017 and 2018. Enrollment by program and feeder High School was also included. He noted that some program changes have explanations, including upticks in PSAT related to Tim’s recruitment efforts, and declines in Business and Cybersecurity. He called attention to the continued need to look not just at Adult Learners (25+) but also 20-24 year olds. He explained the seven points of analysis at the end, along with the action steps and three recommendations Admissions is making.

There was significant discussion on a variety of topics. Matt requested further efforts to verify “first time in college” against clearinghouse data because the variance is 15%. Shahida talked about her own experience in exploring grad programs recently, including the use of technology to make connections and get questions answered. There was interest from the whole Council in using scheduled online zoom calls/chats with prospective students whether for international students, athletes, or students interested in academic programs who could engage with faculty and AD online. If time and energy were invested in this sort of effort, it would be helpful to measure possible impact on yield.

Dan noted that Discover the Rome campus went well, and shared recent concerns about Herkimer’s recruitment in Oneida County. Nine high schools are sending buses to Open House including one from Schenectady.

2. Check in on three follow up recommendations from spring 2018

It is the six month mark on these. Shahida will follow up with Troy on the Law Enforcement/CEL recommendation for adult learners. Tim will follow up on the manufacturing recommendation, and Julie will follow up on the UPTC one, since she is on the workgroup.

3. Agenda for next two meetings

Nov. 30th

A. Discussion with Melissa Copperwheat about the Rome H&H proposal.
B. Dayton report out on his meeting with the Associate Deans about retention (if time)
C. Report outs on the status of the three recommendations.

Dec. 14th

A. Conversation with Steph Reynolds (Cabinet Liaison)
B. Dayton’s Retention report out if needed
C. Status of three recommendations if needed
D. Follow up on Rome recommendation
E. Report on Faculty Caucus meeting
4. Other

Matt passed out a two page report comparing demographics and success rates of continuing (no stop out) vs. returning students. (stop-out of one or more semesters).

Next meeting: Friday, Nov. 30th, 11:05-11:55am