November 29, 2018

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Dan Ianno, Tim Thomas
Excused: Matt Fikes, Chrono Ho, Kristen Skobla

1. Rome Health Career Campus Proposal

Melissa Copperwheat provided insight on the pros and cons of the health care programs on the Rome campus. It would be ideal to have them all together (currently Surgical Tech isolated). On the other hand, Rad Tech is lodged at St. Luke’s so if everything went to Rome, it would still be based for all of the lab/core courses in Utica, and all the programs still not together. Building out the labs required on the Rome campus would require a capital project, but on the other hand, it would be nice to have bigger space potential because the enrollment goal for nursing is 80 new admits each year. Res Hall students could potentially have transport issues if health programs were at Rome. In general, the Council felt that there was no compelling enrollment rationale to move forward a recommendation for a “Rome Health & Hospitality Campus” at this time.

There was discussion about the science courses within the health career programs. One item that came from the discussion was that we are offering an “all-online” program (HIT) that requires two courses (A&P 1 and 2) for which we don’t have any online sections. This is limiting enrollment, and since a competitor (Broome) does not have this program, students will just go there. The Council determined that EMC should make a recommendation about offering online A&P within the HIT program. While a larger scale “online enrollment” recommendation has not made sense of a number of reasons, this is a good example of a specific and targeted need for online courses that could increase enrollment. Melissa said she would provide some data from Karen Getman to support our recommendation.

2. Report Out on Dean Survey of Retention

Dayton reported out on his conversation with the Associate Deans and there was lovely discussion about the summary document he provided. Overall, it seems that the work of Guided Pathways has the potential to address every item of concern. Do faculty and staff realize that a GP transformation could increase enrollment? What can EMC do to help spread that understanding? This could be a topic for conversation with Stephanie Reynolds.

3. Check in on three follow up recommendations from spring 2018

  • Advanced Manufacturing. Tim reported that there will be two “Technology Days” in March. This will allow prospective students to be hands on in fab lab, mechatronics, and with drones in a rotation, and also hear from alumni about their careers and learn about transfer paths as well.
  • UPTC. Julie, Dan and Tim all serve on the workgroup. There has been progress with SUNY Poly. In addition to meetings with senior administrators, Mike Henningsen and his counterpart are working on guides for all programs to mimic the blanket articulation with Albany. With regard to the goal of increasing completer programs on MVCC’s campus: the one in development to date is with Oswego for CTE Education completion as partners across the region are interested in a local option for this degree.
  • Adult Learners: Shahida provided an update. HIT is an example where we should recommend online courses so the degree works for working adults at a distance. Law Enforcement is moving along, and is expected to be offered Fall 2019. The target for each cohort is 25. Up to 32 credits can be address by experiential learning, and Troy will review these himself and also serve as coordinator for the program. There is significant enrollment potential/market for the program.
One thing that the process of developing this program revealed: we have a convoluted and expensive process for students to earn credit for their prior learning/experiential learning. EMC could develop a recommendation that the College develop a new policy for this that is more practical, accessible, and affordable.

4. Agenda for next last meeting of the semester:

Dec. 14th

A. Conversation with Steph Reynolds (Cabinet Liaison)
B. Report on Faculty Caucus meeting
C. Assign next steps for online A&P/HIT and CEL recommendations

Shahida noted that she thinks that a topic for our first meeting of spring semester should be the academic calendar: Has the post Labor Day start really increased enrollment, and if not, should we move back to start earlier and not on a Wednesday (issue of lab set up and final exam days)?

Next meeting: Friday, Dec. 14, 11:05-11:55am