November 19, 2015

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Enrollment Management Council

November 19, 2015

Present: Jason Carpenter, Bob Decker, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Dan Ianno, Lew Kahler, Bill McDonald, Jake Mihevc
Guest: Stephanie Reynolds, Charter contact
Excused: Belinda Alvarado
1. College community communication
Rich explained the “EMC wiki”—access, and current and planned content. There was discussion about how frequently to communicate with the college community. It was determined that about twice per semester is enough but not too much. There could be an employee email with the link, as well as an announcement in Communitas. Timing might be good after meaningful updates are made to the tracking table such as new recommendations or live links added that relate to enrollment efforts and outcomes.

2. Overall approach: recommendations and tracking
Lew provided an overview of the approach the group has taken since fall 2014, with emphasis on work in the current year. The tracking table can function as assessment for Middle States, linking to strategic planning and results, but remaining dynamic and responsive. The enrollment survey continues to provide potential areas of exploration, but then data is the key to guiding recommendations. No recommendations will come forward without data to back them up. Stephanie expressed appreciation for the creative approach and the attention to continued communication with the college community.

3. Review of Charter/membership
The charter and membership are working well. It has taken time to move to the very different approach that EMC has taken—most of last year; new members are still becoming acclimating, and the Council still exploring what it looks like. When the charter uses the term “Strategic Enrollment Plan” what is that? The previous plan extended to 2015. It included a recruitment plan that is now functioning as an active and continually updated department plan for Admissions. However, the overall strategic enrollment is now replaced by the tracking table, which should be re-named “Strategic Enrollment Plan” for clarification. There was discussion about the connection between the College’s strategic plan and the work of EMC.

4. Enrollment projection model and timeline
Jake distributed a summary of the project to date including the basic model components and the initial supplementary concepts that have the potential to move the numbers. EMC is currently adding to both lists; once the data is ready, the model will be tested against historical data. Matt presented data related to the educational goal of adult learners 2009-2012. Stephanie noted that this project was not anticipated by EMC but that the trend analysis and efforts to project enrollment using data will be appreciated by Cabinet as part of the budget process.

5. Other items/next steps
  • Enrollment projection: Jake will send out a query for agreement to the model factors. Once the high school numbers are available (soon per Admissions), the model can be built and test. Jake will also request EMC members provide input on supplemental concepts, including a scan of colleagues in their areas for wider input.
  • Communication: Rich will add the Strategic Enrollment Plan (tracking table) to the wiki. Once it is enriched with some additional links, the first communication update can be sent.