Mohawk Correctional Program links

Mohawk Correctional Facility-Education Supervisor Ted Fauss

Theodore.Fauss at doccs.ny.gov
(315) 339-5232 ext 4500

Professor Doran Larson
Hamilton College, he brought us the program through the Sunshine Lady Foundation. Doran teaches at the prison, sometimes runs a book group there, and started a similar program at Attica. He ia also a benefactor making frequent donations. If he speaks he give us his honorarium, and we receive the royalties from his most recent book.

Doran Larson
Professor of English & Creative Writing
Director of Jurisprudence, Law, and Justice Studies
Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323-1218
Office: 315.859.4297
Home/Cell: 315.790.2550
Office Fax: 315.859.4390
dlarson at hamilton.edu

Mitty Beal
Representative of the Sunshine Lady Foundation. She is the link between us and them, if there are any questions about the funds. I send her reports at the end of every semester showing our progress and how much money has been spent. (As an aside, often she is slow to respond by email, and she is very welcoming to phone calls)

Billing Address
Sunshine Lady Foundation at PO Box 259, Swarthmore PA 19081.

mitmike at comcast.net