Meeting with Taylor and Emily

1. How are you marketing the ESL program/IEP?

  • On the Website
  • A one-sheet summary
  • In the process of making one handout that’s ESL/IEP-specific
  • Mostly by providing information about the program, not necessarily “selling” it

2. How are you marketing MVCC?

  • Improved social media
  • “One-sheet”—directing students to the web page, which provides everything they need
  • MVCC is one some free websites, which shows all our info.
We’re not on major recruiting platforms
''Middle States is clamping down on agents equal to paying a person to bring in/recruit students for us
-We currently have 4 paid and 2 unpaid agents''

3. Why do students choose MVCC?

  • This is currently not on an application, but that will be included in the future. Currently, no hard data.
  • Mostly, it’s familiarity—family member or friend attends MVCC
  • International students wanted to come to New York, and we have no TOEFL or IELTS requirement.

4. For students who pass up MVCC, what is their rationale?

  • Unfamiliarity with us and the location. Neither they nor their relatives have heard of it.
  • Bias against community colleges—interpret it as strictly “technical”
  • Other community colleges have more visibility because they are able to attend more fairs.
MVCC doesn’t have the budget to attend more fairs. Less fairs, less visibility.

5. For our current students, what likes and dislikes have they expressed?

  1. IEP-recognized by international students
  2. The programs that we offer
  1. Transportation, or lack thereof
  2. Loud residence halls
  3. Dining hall
MVCC has offered different events on campus, but it’s just the same students who attend, so a lack of events hasn’t been a contributing factor to any disenchantment.

6. How are agreements established?

  • We provide agents with materials about us. They reach out to Taylor.
Agents must be certified.
They are constructing an agent training manual.
  • Make connections at fairs and at high schools.

7. What impediments prevent larger enrollment numbers?

  • Budget for trips and online marketing
  • $600 for virtual fairs
  • We have to pay for search results that push us to the top of a search, i.e. Google
  • Students will find us if they are specifically looking for us.
  • Keystone Academic Solutions: Translates websites into other languages.
  • This service is expensive

8. What questions do international students have?

  • About the IEP, the price, scholarships
Positive-15% enrollment increase since last spring, high retention rate
Negative-Applications for the fall are drastically down as a result of political rhetoric
Applications are down nationwide.