May 4, 2017

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Lew Kahler, Tim Thomas
Excused: Dan Ianno, Kristen Skobla


1. International Students

Dayton reviewed data on international students including a survey of the current students, notes from his meeting with Emily Gifford and Taylor Decker, and a one page article from Open Doors about IEP trends. There was discussion about what could be done to increase international enrollment during this challenging and competitive time. One idea that rose to the top was to connect with a secondary school in another country to offer an online credit course (dual credit, but international). This would bring FTEs and tuition but also open up recruitment of students who are familiar with MVCC and the learning experience we provide. Some research should be done immediately, and there is a possibility that this could become a recommendation asap.

2. Guided Pathways Recommendation

The recommendation was sent forward and discussed recently at Cabinet, where it was endorsed and forwarded to the stakeholders on May 2 for action.

3. SUNY Chief Enrollment Officers Report-Out

Jen presented some information from a recent professional development day at SUNY. Most relevant was work done by Eduventures on student mindsets. They have surveyed and typed them, but it is not hard to see which ones are more common among students who choose community colleges. They challenge is to learn from your students what these mindsets look and sound like, and develop stories that match those to use for marketing. There is some overlap to the ideas in the guided pathways recommendation where profile stories are presented of students doing hands on learning connected to employers talking about the interns/graduates they are getting from those programs.

4. End of Year Wrap-up and Next Steps

We should be getting a new member from Marketing & Communication soon. We need to bring our wiki/hyperlinked enrollment plan up to date quickly, especially so we are ready for Middle States self-study. Our enrollment projection model and calendar worked so there is nothing significant that needs to be changed. Jen will draft a 16-17 summary and send out for review shortly. It seems like our membership should be stable for next year. Jen will check faculty schedules and send out meeting invites before fall semester starts.