March 23, 2017

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Dan Ianno, Lew Kahler, Kristen Skobla, Tim Thomas


1. Retention Data

The Council reviewed and discussed a data set about retention of spring 2016 students prepared by Matt Fikes. He was able to correlate with the SOS administered last spring, particularly questions bearing directly on reasons a student might leave college. There were questions about how to mine further to find out where students are headed if not graduating or transferring and why. A suggestion was made to share the data with C3 staff and to correlate with financial eligibility in case loss of financial aid for academic reasons was significant.

2. Potential Recommendations

There was a discussion about enrollment in not-at-capacity programs in which graduates are in high demand in the area such as Mechatronics, EET, MET, CNC, EST, and others. Machinists alone are hired the moment they are certified because there is a labor shortage. People may not know about these opportunities in high tech manufacturing or understand the pathways. How would high school students know about those starting in 9th or 10th grade? How can people understand the skill sets required, or the demand for employees in those fields? How would school boards and teachers/guidance counselors know?
It was determined that more should be done to reach into K-12 for career counseling and planning. More marketing needs to be done to the public. For example, we should have videos on the MVCC website that show workspaces at companies in the area and the employer talking about the need for people to hire who can program and maintain the high tech manufacturing systems and equipment. There are partners who could work with us: Special Metals, Global Foundries, Bartell, etc. PTech may help support these pathways. We need to market the jobs data and the pathways information on academic program pages, and make sure students are using College Coach and Purple Briefcase. Schools use Naviance for career exploration and are we connecting with that?

3. Next steps

It was determined that we should prepare a recommendation regarding marketing and career guidance for our programs that lead to gainful employment in high tech manufacturing and some other areas where labor demand is strong. Lew will send a rough draft to review before our next meeting.

Next meeting: April 6th, 2-3 pm in PH391
Dayton’s agenda item regarding ESL/international; Finalize recommendation
There is an event on the afternoon of April 6, “World Café” with AtD coaches. As a result the meeting is might be cancelled (TBD). The next meeting on the calendar is April 20th.