MarComm Team Roles and Responsibilities

MarComm functions on a "beat" system, where some individuals have responsibility to coordinate a wide range of services for specific offices and centers across the college.

Beats and general job responsibilities are as follows:

Jen Fanelli, Media Content Coordinator (jfanelli@mvcc.edu; x5440):
media content coordinator 10-29-13.pdf
 Admissions
 Cultural Series/Events
 Center for Language and Learning Design
 STEM Center
 Division of Learning and Academic Affairs (Honors, Educational Technologies, Libraries, etc.)
• Social Media, Alumni Newsletter

Sharon Zohne, Project Coordinator/Photographer (szohne@mvcc.edu; x5421):
Project Coordinator (Marketing) 7-9-08.pdf
 BISS Center
 Center for Arts and Humanities
 Center for Life and Health Sciences
 PTK and recognized student organizations (promoting their successes)
 Community engagement (other than Team MVCC)
• Event planning and staffing, photography, Employee Handbook, Commencement programs, Right to Know

Rich Haubert, Assistant Director (rhaubert@mvcc.edu; x5560):
Assistant Director of Communications 12-05.pdf
 Athletics
 Enrollment Management Council (coordinate with Jen)
 Division of Student Affairs (coordinate with Jen)
 Division of Administrative Services
 Rome Campus
 Aviation Maintenance
 Community engagement (Team MVCC)
• Communitas, gomvhawks.com, Student Handbook, College Catalog, information warehouse
• Incident command communications (deputy PIO)

Matt Snyder, Director of Marketing and Communications (msnyder@mvcc.edu, x5330):
Director Marketing Communications.pdf
 Public Safety and emergency preparedness
 Board of Trustees
 College relations and reputation management
 Institutional Advancement
 HR, labor relations, and employee enrichment
 Achieving the Dream and Strategic Plan
• Career Focus
• Incident command communications (PIO)
• Advertising

Katie Gleitsmann, Marketing Assistant (kgleitsmann@mvcc.edu; x5330):
Marketing Assistant 2-28-14.pdf
• News releases, feature story writing, Merit, Web story posting, research, assessment

Luciann Gould, Publications Coordinator (lgould@mvcc.edu; x5658):
publications coordinator 10-29-13.pdf
• Graphic design for publications

Chrono Ho, Digital Media Coordinator (cho@mvcc.edu; x5826):
digital media coordinator 10-29-13.pdf
• Graphic design and code for Web
• Social media support
• Digital video

Candice Parsons, Multimedia Advertising Designer (cparsons@mvcc.edu; x5433):
Multimedia Advertising Designer 10-2913.pdf
• Graphic design for advertisements