MMR Procedures


The Health Center sends over the list of students who do not submit their health records and need to be removed from classes on the 30th day of the semester.
The students should all have an MMR hold. If not, check with the Health Center before removing the student from classes.
Enter a WM in the Status field to drop the classes. That will automatically drop the classes. Make sure it drops all of them. Sometimes different “parts of term” need to be done manually. If a course was previously dropped, leave the code that the course was dropped with.
The Health Center and Rome campus send an email when a student is cleared. Add the student back to classes. Cross them off of the list.
The last day a student can be added back to classes is the “last day to withdraw” date.
Around the withdrawal date, check with the Health Center the students remaining on the list to see if they were missed and should be cleared.