MJ's Notes

Ebills in Argos

The ebill routine is located in Argos at this address: MVCC.Business Office.Billing.ebill
At the beginning of each semester
The Bursar will send the updated information in an email. Make the changes:
1. Change the default Term and Aid Year as needed on the form tab.

2. In the SQL change the due date to the due date specified in the email.

3. In the SQL change the term to the term you are running the ebill for.

4. In the SQL change the message, usually it is just the date:

5. In the SQL change the transaction date to the specified transaction date in the email.

6. Run the ebill or Have Bursar Run It
Now that the changes are made, the Fix report is run and the file is saved on the M drive in the Business Office, EBILL folder, under the appropriate term folder. The name has to be formatted as:
mvcc_studentaccounts_term_date.dat (ex. mvcc_studentaccounts_201608_20160819.dat)

7. Once Bursar approves the file, you can sftp the file to NELNET. See next page.

Transfer File to Nelnet

1. Transfer file from M to the Bannerweb server (nelnet directory) via Filezilla (log on as nelnet)
2. Log onto bannerweb2 via PUTTY as nelnet and Maximize window
3. Zip the file :
Type zip and copy file name, add .gz to the end and paste file name again after space. Will look like:
zip mvcc_studentaccounts_bill_201005.dat.gz mvcc_studentaccounts_term_date.dat
ls –latr and make sure file is there should show adding: mvcc_studentaccounts_bill_201005.dat (deflated 98%) after
4. encrypt the file using the public key:
PROD- gpg -r 498B6983 -e mvcc_studentaccounts_term_date.dat.gz
TEST - gpg -r F5774DEB -e mvcc_studentaccounts_bill_201005.dat.gz
ls –latr to see if it is there

5. Rename the file to a pgp extension
type: mv mvcc_studentaccounts_bill_201005.dat.gz.gpg mvcc_studentaccounts_bill_201005.dat.gz.pgp
(was gpg, type over and make pgp)

6. sftp to nelnet

In PROD type:
sftp mvcc at mail.quikpayasp.com
you will need to know the passphrase

In TEST type:
sftp mvcc at mail.uatquikpayasp.com
you will need to know the passphrase

7. cd to appropriate nelnet directory
type: cd dataload/mvcc/bill_load/studentaccounts
type: pwd - to check the directory

8. copy file to nelnet directory
type: put mvcc_studentaccounts_bill_201005.dat.gz.pgp
type ls –latr to see if it is there