January 25, 2019

Present: Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Chrono Ho, Dan Ianno, Kristen Skobla, Tim Thomas

1. Review of draft recommendations

Drafts of two follow up recommendations were reviewed: 1) Online A&P for Online HIT program 2) Credit for Experiential Learning process. Jen took notes on suggested revisions, and will send the revised recommendations to the respective TO: audiences. Tim noted that there is a meeting on his calendar within the next couple of weeks to start talking about CEL.

2. Plan for Reviewing Post Labor Day Start

There was a brief discussion about the continued interest in assessing the enrollment results of the later semester start (from Faculty Caucus). It can be hard to know how much worse enrollment might have been without the later start. One way would be to look at peer institutions. Did their enrollment drop lower in that first semester we tried the later start? Could we use the SUNY BI to get that data? Matt was asked if IR could explore this as a follow up. They had already compared internal enrollment numbers (year to year and trends, but it was ambiguous because we had multiple changes at once.) Another insight comes from the number of peer colleges who sought to follow suit after our change, because they believed that we were seeing better enrollment as a result of post Labor Day start.

3. Plan for developing fall 2019 enrollment projection.

This will be a focus of our next few meetings. We noted that many exciting initiatives (new programs, focused recruitment efforts, etc.) have not moved the needle in the past simply because of their small n. Macro influences are most impactful, but out of our control. Those could include a downturn in the economy or possibly this year, the closure of programs, dorms, or campuses at local peer colleges. Spring enrollment is the most significant predictor of fall enrollment, so spring data will be important at upcoming meetings.

Next meeting: Friday, Feb. 8, 1:00-1:50 pm.