Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS

Financial Aid information is submitted to SUNY via SIRIS. SUNY IR then uploads each schools data to IPEDS and gives the school an opportunity to review the information before it is locked.

Financial Aid

Award Amounts

IPEDS instructions for reporting: "Institutions should report on grant or scholarship aid that has been awarded to students. This may be different from aid that was actually disbursed to students. For example, a student may be awarded grant or scholarship aid at the beginning of the academic year but then leave the institution before the entire amount is disbursed. In this case, you would report the original amount of gran or scholarship aid that was awarded, even though the entire amount was not actually disbursed to the student." The field used to report grant and scholarship amounts is RORYAWD_AWARD_AMOUNT_OFFERED.Well, that is the published procedure - SUNY IR actually uses the highest value reported in one of three fields:
Even then we don't always match.

IPEDS instructions for reporting loans: "For reporting loans to students, institutions should continue to report on loans that were awarded to and accepted by the student." The filed used to report loan amounts is RORYAWD_AMOUNT_ACCEPTED.