Information Management Workbook

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The Information Management Competencies workbook compiles results from the Information Management Competencies Assessment, a multiple choice test given to MVCC graduates. There are 30 questions split into two categories. The results are recorded in an Access database - "M:\IAssess\OIR_Mark\Databases\InfoManage.accdb".

The workbook is currently (as of May 25, 2018) in "M:\IEC\A Academic Affairs\1 InformationManagement-ALL.xlsx". Graduates for the academic year (December through August) are linked to table tbl_NewInfoManagementComplete_autocalc1" in InfoManage.accdb to determine:
  • How many completed the assessment
How many scored at least 80% on the first part - the field is "SUNYPercent1"
How many scored at least 80% on the second part - the field is "SUNYPercent2"

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