IT Department


The MVCC IT department is headed by Paul Katchmar. Our main office is in AB137 and our main line is (315) 731-5711.
We are responsible for all college owned computer hardware, software, printers, toner, servers, and network connections. If you have any questions about or issues with any of these things please give us a call at x5711.

Department Subgroup Notes

Administrative Notes - Banner, Degree Works, Onbase, Argos
Helpdesk Notes and Procedures
Networking notes

Office Tools Tips and copier printer settup and use instructions

Office Tools Tips and copier printer settup and use instructions


Who do I call if I need help with something that isn't addressed here?

Call our IT helpdesk main line at (315) 731-5711

I'm a new student, how do I log into my email/a school computer?

Student accounts for email and computer user are automatically generated and follow this structure: the first letter of the first name, then the last name, then the two digits for the day of the month that you were born on. So John Doe born on February 9th would have a username of jdoe09
Your password for this account is the last four digits of your social security number.
Sometimes issues do occur with this, if you are having any problems logging in visit us in IT139.

Can I access school programs (word, excel, photoshop, etc) from home?

If you are using a windows based computer you already have a program called Remote Desktop Connection, you can search for it in the windows search bar or under All Programs/Apps > Accessories/Windows Accessories. If you have a mac, iphone, ipad, or android device, you can find it in the app store (playstore on android).

Once you start up remote desktop, it will ask you for a server name, use remoteapps.mvcc.edu
It will also ask for a username and password. Use the same one you use on campus to log into the college computers, and to log into your email. For your username you may have to type mvcclabs\username

Once you start up remote desktop, it will ask you for a server name, use mvcc-term.mvcc.edu or remoteapps.mvcc.edu The former is a bit faster as it is staff only, but the latter has more software installed and available.
It will also ask for a username and password. Use the same one you use on campus to log into the college computers, and to log into your email. For your username you may have to type mvcc\username

You are now logged into a virtual session on one of the school's servers. It will behave exactly like a lab computer, so make sure that you save anything that you want to keep to your H: drive (or Documents, it is the same place) just like you would on campus. When you are done, just hit Start > Log Off.

I need to get the wifi key on my new laptop/tablet/phone/toaster.

Our new wireless setup does not have a key for us to give out, instead it authenticates your connection with the same credentials that you use to log into college computers.
Students: choose the wireless network labeled MVCC Public, and when you go to try to use a browser it should redirect you to a page that will ask you for your username and password. Use the same username and password that you use to log into the campus computers and/or your email account.
Employees: choose the wireless network labeled MVCC Employee. You will also be prompted for a username and password, use the same one that you use to log into your work computer.
That said, sometimes things just don't work like they are supposed to; if you are having trouble connecting bring your device to us in IT139(Utica) or PC121(Rome) and we will help you get connected.

If the user name and password does not take when connecting to the employee WiFi you would need to add it manually and update some settings. First go to Network and Sharing Center via the control panel. Once there click on "manage wireless networks" which would be on the left hand side of the window. Next click add then click on "Manually create network profile." Network name: MVCC Employee; Security type: WPA2-Enterprise; Encryption type: AES; Leave security key field blank and hit next. On the next screen click on Change connection settings. In the new window click on the security tab and click on the settings button in the middle of the window. Uncheck Validate server certificate and click OK twice and then close. Or bring it to us for help.

How do I add a printer to my faculty/staff computer?

Adding printers is now really easy (provided nothing goes wrong : ) All you have to do is hit your start button (bottom left corner of the screen) and into the field that says Search Programs and Files type in \\mvcc-print\ and hit enter. This should open a window with a list of available printers, select the one with the appropriate room number and double click it. If it asks you anything about trusting this server's driver or anything like that, click yes. It should do everything else for you automatically.

How do I add a printer to my personal computer?

We don't yet support this functionality but we do have something in the works to address this.

My student isn't able to print. There is no error message, it just doesn't print.__

We are currently testing out some new print quota software. Currently there is a 500 page soft cap on every student's account. If a student runs out of prints there is currently no cost to refilling their page allowance. Just give us a call at x5711 and we can resolve this momentarily.

My printer is saying "Toner Low"

Most of the college's printers are high capacity models and they will begin to complain about the toner being low when there are still upwards of 1000 prints still left, which usually lasts from days to weeks. This serves as a heads up for smaller buisness that do not keep spare toner on hand and need to order. We have lots of toner on hand. For this reason we ask that you do not call us about toner replacement until it actually starts printing light.

How do I put email on my phone

You will want to use Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) or Corporate Email Icon on the email setup wizard on the phone.
Once in the wizard, the information you will need is:
- EMAIL : your student email (example) jdoe07 at student.mvcc.edu
- USERNAME : your username (example) jdoe07
- PASSWORD : your password that you check your email and log on to the computers with (by default it’s the last 4 digits of your ssn)
- DOMAIN : mvcclabs.edu
- EXCHANGE SERVER : studentmail.mvcc.edu
- EMAIL : your faculty/staff email (example) jdoe at mvcc.edu
- USERNAME : your username (example) jdoe07
- PASSWORD : your password that you check your email and log on to the computers with
- DOMAIN : mvcc.edu
- EXCHANGE SERVER : email.mvcc.edu

What is the criteria for faculty email password?

Passwords must be:
- Must be at least 8 characters long.
- Have at least one capital letter
- Have at least one number
- Can not be a password you have used in the past 6 months.
- Can not include your name.

How do I access my student folder from home?

See the student folder page.

I have made poor life decisions and got a mac. Can I still print to the fancy Ricoh and Xerox Papercut copier/scanner/faxer/emailer/collator devices?

For those that have macs and cannot install the printers the windows way
  1. Open a web browser and go to address: http://papercut.mvcc.edu:9191/user
  2. Use your MVCC username and password. (Same as email)
  3. From the initial summary screen select Web Print
  4. Then click on Submit a Job
  5. Select a printer; Ricoh and Xerox printers should be available.
  6. Then click on Print Options and Account Selection button.
  7. In the options first select how many copies you would like and then click the Upload Documents button.
  8. From the upload screen you could either drag and drop the files or click the button upload from computer to pick the files. Once you have all the files uploaded click the Upload & Complete button to send the print job to the copier.
  9. Your print job has been sent to the print queue and it should say 'Held in queue' on the screen. Now just go the printer and release the print job with either your ID or your username and password (the same ones that you use to log into your email)
If you need screenshots of each step see the attached document at the bottom of this page titled 'PaperCut Web Print'

IT Staff Directory

Paul Katchmar - Director of Information Technology - AB137B x5510

Networking (network lines, servers, email)
Jason Yager - Network Administrator - AB106B x5304
Chuck Hendricks - Network Specialist - AB106C x5481

Programing (banner, onbase, argos, dgv)
Colleen Cornmire - Senior Systems Analyst (Banner) - AB142 x5552
Ardwin Stepanick - Data Base Administrator (Banner) - AB142 x5565
Jeff Kimball - Programmer Analyst (DGV) - AB140B x5705
Oleg Donchuk - Programmer Analyst (Argos,Onbase) - AB149A x5455
Vincent Pellizzi - Programmer Analyst - AB140A x5516
Mary Jane Parry - Programmer Analyst (DegreeWorks) -IT152 x5379

Desktop/Laptop Support (computer hardware, software, printers, toner)
Sergey Myalik - Manager of End - User Computing - AB138 x5707
Sergey Staskevich - Help Desk Analyst - AB147 x5768
Lisa Marie Flo - Help Desk Analyst - AB146 x5587
Armin Safizadeh - Technical Assistant - AB137A x5774
Nadine Swiger-Ortis - Administrative Assistant - AB144 x5563

Rome Support (media, computer hardware, software, printers, toner)
Christopher DeWolfe - Rome Supportologist #1 - PC 121 x7773
Amir Harbas- Rome Supportologist #2 - PC 121 x7715