Uploading Videos

  1. Log into https://mvcc-video.mvcc.edu/app/Default.aspx
  2. Middle drop down menu at the top of the page, change it from 'Ensemble Videos' to MVCC.
  3. The rightmost drop down has a selection of departments. Select the appropriate one.
  4. Hit the green Add button
  5. Enter Title, ignore copyright, ignore genre, for keywords you can use the VTR number.
  6. Nothing for Credits, next.
  7. Hit 'Add Files' select your video files and hit open to upload them, then continue.

Support Contact Info

Hi all,

You may connect with one of these folks for help with the videos that aren’t automatically getting added after the transcription:

Andy Covell
Ensemble Video
abcovell at ensemblevideo.com

Jeremy Patterson
Ensemble Video
jpatterson at ensemblevideo.com

or simply:
support at ensemblevideo.com

If they need me to gain them access directly to the server, they will let you know.