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Hall of Fame
(material in quotes is text from plaque)

1996 Inductees (Sept. 20)

- Emlyn I. Griffith – “New York State Regent, 1973-1996. Regent Emeritus. Key member of Rome College Foundation, serving as president from 1969-1972. Widely recognized leader in the legal profession and in education in the Mohawk Valley, New York State and the Nation. Valued community leader and public servant.”
- Dr. Fillmore Burke, Sr. – “Adjunct professor in electricity and electronics, 1976-1979. His love of teaching and his dedication to assisting the disabled, while overcoming personal hardship, provide inspiration and reflect the community college idea.”
- Dr. John T. Dizer, Jr. – “Mechanical Engineering Technology Professor, Department Head, Dean of Technology & Business, 1959-1985. A pioneer in education for modern manufacturing, integrating productivity and quality control topics in engineering technology education. A writer, historian, and educator of industry’s leaders.”
- Dr. Armond J. Festine – “Mathematics Instructor, Assistant/Associate Director of Evening & Extension Division, Director of Continuing Education, Dean of Community Services. Committed to serving non-traditional students. Innovator of instruction to meet community needs. Expanded educational opportunities in Rome and western Oneida County.”
- Robert R. Jorgensen – “Physical Education Professor/Department Head, Director of Athletics & Athletic Facilities, 1960-1991. Coached Cross Country, Baseball, Soccer and Golf. Record 400 golf wins, seven regional championships. Member, JJCAA Golf Hall of Fame and SUNY Utica/Rome Wildcat Hall of Fame. Significantly expanded intercollegiate athletics, physical education courses and facilities.”
- David Mathis – “Class of 1970. Trustee 199-present. Trustee Chairman, 1983-87. MVCC Foundation, Alumni Association, Dormitory Corporation, Auxiliary Services Corporation Board Member. 1990 Alumnus of Merit Award. Leader in national and state community college movement, board member of Association of Community College Trustees and New York State Association of Boards of Trustees of Community Colleges. A community volunteer without equal.”
- Dr. Albert V. Payne – “Director, Industrial Division, NYS Institute of Applied Arts & Sciences, 1946-1953. President, Mohawk Valley Technical Institute, 1953-1963. President, Mohawk Valley Community College, 1963-1968. Leader in development of MVCC Utica Campus, initial college accreditation, and introduction of numerous new degree programs. Active in many educational and community organizations. A founding father of MVCC.”
- Dr. Michael I. Schafer – “President, 1983-present. Oversaw construction of modern Science & Technology Buildings on Utica and Rome Campuses, major state-of-the-art campus recomputerization, creation of community and educational partnerships, and development of important new curricula and services to serve changing student needs. Exemplary community involvement and volunteer leadership.”
- Charles E. Schmidt –“Business Professor, 1947-1973. Advisor to 17 graduating classes. Founded Newman Club, Alumni Association and the “Ivy” Yearbook. Design Secretarial Science curriculum, ran college bookstore for 14 years, and serviced college typewriters for 17 years. Active with many community organizations, particularly the Utica Kiwanis.”
- Edwin G. Warner – “Mathematics Professor, Mathematics & Science Department Head, Acting Dean of Instruction, Dean of Academic Affairs, 1952-1978. Oversaw major growth in enrollment and programs in mathematics and science, including introduction of Engineering Science program recognized nationally for its quality. Member of numerous science, engineering and mathematics education organizations.”

1997 Inductees (Sept. 26)

- Dr. Milton Richards – “Founding Department Head, Advertising Design & Production Department. Department Head, 1955-1985. Professor Emeritus. Inspiration and teacher for a generation of advertising practitioner and educators. A unique creator, advisor, thinker, listener and friend to students, colleagues and the community.”
- Mattie L. Brown – “Class of 1975, Human Services. Alumna of Merit Award Recipient, 1991. Member, Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of MVCC, 1996-97. Community builder, volunteer and leader. Advocate for children and education. Executive Director, Utica Head Start Children & Families, Inc.”
- Elizabeth Hubbard – “First women appointed to MVCC Board of Trustees, serving from 1974 to 1982. First woman to serve as Trustee Chair, 1979 to 1982. Former member, Boards of Directors, MVCC Dormitory Corporation and MVCC Foundation. Trustee Emerita. A leader in MVCC’s advancement in affirmative action and participatory college governance. Encouraged and supported expansion of educational and career opportunities for women.”
- Dr. Beverly Warner – “Professor and Nursing Department Head, 1969-1975. Dean, Division of Public & Health Services, 1975-1986. Professor/Dean Emerita. Caregiver, educator, innovator. Helped set the standard for quality health care education, combining academic excellence with concern for patients. Widely respected by colleagues and partners in both education and health care.”
- Theodore “Ted” Moore – “Mathematics Department Faculty Member, 1981-1996. MVCC Professional Association leader; Vice President 1989-1992, President 1992-1996. Participant and leader in statewide and national mathematics education organizations. Sports coach and official. Creative. Caring and enthusiastic teacher. Dedicated to serving others, at MVCC and in the community. A conciliator, listener and problem-solver.” (Inducted posthumously)
- Pauline Ryan – “Professor, 1947-1984. Business Department Head, 1968-1984. A versatile business educator who set high standards. Dedicated to serving MVCC students in five decades. Instrumental in creation of programs in Accounting, Advertising Design & Production, Banking, Insurance & Real Estate, Business Administration, Data Processing, and Secretarial Science. A true MVCC pioneer.” (inducted posthumously)

1998 Inductees (October 30)

- Dr. Sarah Brooks – “Mathematics Department Faculty Member, 1968-1986. Professor Emerita. Talented mathematician. Energetic educational innovator. Dedicated, enthusiastic teacher. Caring colleague.”
- Charles A. Higgerson – “Faculty member, Mechanical Engineering Technology, 1947-1979. Professor Emeritus. Nurtured the careers of many in industry. Set high standards, and helped students meet them by providing a friendly, supportive environment. A pioneer and mentor.” (inducted posthumously)
- Willis V. Daugherty – “MVCC Trustee, 1953-1966, Trustee Chairman, 1956-1961 and 1964-1965. Helped transform the New York State Institute of Applied Arts & Sciences into Mohawk Valley Technical Institute, forerunner of MVCC. Played vital role in campus development, and formation of MVCC Dormitory Corporation and MVCC Foundation. Self-made industrial leader.” (inducted posthumously)
- William R. Pulhamus – “Faculty Member, Electrical Technology, 1951-1953, Department Head, 1953-1975; Associate Dean, Division of Mathematics, Science & Technology, 1975-1979, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs, 1979. Professor/Dean Emeritus. Key contributor to technology education at MVCC. Expanded curricula, developed important laboratory facilities.”
- Robert F. Jastrab – “Counselor, 1967-1998. Counselor Emeritus. Provided invaluable personal guidance to thousands of students in choosing directions for their careers, and for their lives. Contributed extensive service and leadership throughout the college. A valued friend and colleague, a caring advocate for students.”

1999 Inductees (October 30)

- Barbara Berlin – “Counselor, 1965-1989. Provided invaluable guidance to students and student organizations. An active volunteer at MVCC and in the community. Respected by students and colleagues alike. Made an important difference in careers and lives.”
- Richard Coleman – “Track and Field/Cross Country Coach, Physical Education Instructor, 1967-1986. Major contributor to MVCC success in intercollegiate sports. Provided guidance and volunteer efforts to local, regional and national running community. Brought success and enjoyment to athletes of all ages and levels of ability. Respected by colleagues and competitors alike.”
- Roy Mitchell – “Professor/Dean Emeritus. Served MVCC from 1947 to 1978, as Instructor of Communication, General Education Department Head, and Associate Dean, Division of Humanities & Communication. Led development of Liberal Arts and General Studies programs, and wide range of humanities instruction. Set early standards that continue to benefit MVCC and its students.”

2000 Inductees (October 27)

- James Blackshear – “Community builder. Worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life in Utica and the Mohawk Valley. Provided extraordinary leadership through board and committee involvement. Member of Mohawk Valley Community College Foundation, Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of MVCC, Executive Director, Cosmopolitan Center of Utica, 1978-2000.” (inducted posthumously)
- Michael J. Burke – “Professor Emeritus. A caring, dedicated and gracious teacher and mentor. An innovator of courses and programs, committed to quality instruction and programs, committed to student success. Highly respected by colleagues and students alike. Generous contributor to college committees and community organizations. Served Accounting, Business, and Business/Management Systems Department from 1963 to 1999.”
- Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter – “Made invaluable contributions to careers of innumerable scientists and engineers. A thorough, caring and generous teacher and administrator at MVCC from 1971 to 2000. A physicist and astronomer, and a valued volunteer in the environmental movement. Department Head/Professor Emeritus, Engineering, Computer & Physical Sciences Department.”
- James O’Looney – “Professor. A quiet leader who gently shared his wisdom and experience. Made significant contributions to the development of students, curricula, his department and MVCC. A master at combining new technology and personal teaching. Valued faculty member in Advertising Design & Production and Graphic Communication Department, 1975-1996.”

2001 Inductees (October 26)

- Edward & Virginia Juergensen – “Talented professional designers. Effective and enthusiastic teachers in Advertising Design & Production, Edward from 1968 to 1972, Virginia from 1962 to 1993. Pioneers, communicators, innovators, teachers, mentors. Impacted design and design education nationwide.”
- Dr. Marshall G. Jones, Ph.D. – “Class of 1962, Mechanical Engineering Technology. Internationally recognized research scientist and engineer at General Electric Corporate Research & Development. Advanced knowledge of science and technology to serve humanity. Innovator, explorer, educator, community builder and volunteer, role model. A humble achiever.”
- John V. Hollinger – “Registrar, 1973-1993. Dedicated to accuracy and usefulness of student records. Introduced new technology, developed new procedures, expanded access to services for students. Member of many College committees. Resourceful, responsive, flexible, innovative, patient. A mentor and leader by example.”
- Gerard “Jerry” Brophy – “Counselor, 1963-1965. Director of Counseling 1965-1990. Acting Vice President for Student Services, 1982. Architect of counseling services at MVCC. Newman Club advisor. Provided valuable advice, encouragement and direction to generations of students. Community volunteer and hands-on humanitarian.”

2002 Inductees (October 25)

- John H. McMillan – “Professor & Department Head, Civil Engineering Technology, 1965-1985. Acting Dean, Division of Technology & Business, 1979-1980. Professor & Department Head, Mechanical & Civil Engineering Technology, 1985-1991. Provided important service and leadership to numerous professional and accrediting organizations in engineering and engineering education. Led development of programs, laboratories and computing facilities. An important contributor to engineering education in the Mohawk Valley.”
- Eugenia Taft – “Humanities Professor, 1967-2001. Instructed and inspired countless foreign language students. Played a key role in development of the International Studies curriculum. A versatile, passionate, creative, eloquent, and always enthusiastic teacher. With compassion borne of personal experience, an invaluable friend to new immigrants.”
- W. Jean Walls – “Adjunct instructor in Electrical Engineering Technology, 1956-1979. Professor, 1979-1995. Recognized by students and colleagues as an outstanding teacher. A leader and contributor to the American Society of Engineering Education. A strong role model for students, especially for women in engineering and technology.”
- Jerome M. Alvermann – “Vice President for Administrative Services, 1982-2001. An extraordinary contributor to efficient and effective College operations. A trusted colleague and leader for the entire college, whose integrity continues to serve as an example for all. A builder, problem-solver and student advocate. An effective voice for community colleges.”

2003 Inductees (October 25)

- C. Owen Brantley – “A dedicated faculty member from 1955 to 1975, and first instructor in the graphic arts. Professor Emeritus, Advertising Design & Production. Developed numerous courses in printing and photography. Author and valued resource to the printing industry. An important mentor for colleagues and students alike. A gentleman and friend to all.”
- Michael C. Austin – “Class of 1974, Liberal Arts & Sciences. Vice President & Director of Corporate Communications, Utica National Insurance Group. Alumni of Merit Award, 1989. Alumni Association Board Member, MVCC Foundation President and active Board Member. Part of MVCC’s adjunct faculty, and Middle States Association Self-Study Team. Included in SUNY Honor Roll. An outstanding professional communicator serving the insurance industry and his community.”
- Michael W. Briggs – “Class of 1963, Retail Business Management. Hawks Varsity Baseball. Former Regional Manager/Vice President, United Parcel Service. A highly effective and innovative manager and business leader. A generous contributor to many important community causes. A much-valued loyal alumnus and generous supporter of MVCC.”
- Dr. Francis R. Dunning – “Professor Emeritus, Physical Sciences Department. Former Dean, Division of Technology & Business. An MVCC professor and administrator from 1963 to 1995. Pioneered use of industry advisory committees. Led creation of programs in Chemical Technology, Photonics and Solar Energy Technology. Won several prestigious National Science Foundation grants. Received SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service in 1990. A scientist and innovative educator.”

2004 Inductees (October 23)

- Dr. Rose Danella – “Professor/Department Head, Social Science and Criminal Justice from 1969 to her retirement in 1992. Taught a wide range of courses, researched technology/humanities relationships, and directed the Mohawk Valley Police Academy. President of New York State Faculty Council of Community Colleges. A National Endowment for the Arts Scholar. Provided important leadership in area educational and cultural organizations.”
- Robert Kelly – “Retired Vice President of Sales, F.X. Matt Brewery. Oneida County Legislator, 1988-2003. Passionate and forceful advocate for Mohawk Valley Community College in his role as member, then chairman, of the Education and Youth Committee. Strong supporter of viable operating budgets and capital improvement projects for MVCC. Key supporter of the MVCC/Utica City School District Millennium Project and the “Ready, Set, College!” Project. Ardent supporter of the community though service to organizations such as the United Way, the Utica Symphony Orchestra, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, the Emerald Society, and others.”