Guided Career Pathways recommendation (April 2017)

To: President’s Cabinet
From: Enrollment Management Council
Date: April 17, 2017
Re: Comprehensive Marketing Program for Guided Career Pathways

EMC has identified a need to better educate both our current and our prospective students on the career pathways that exist at MVCC which lead to gainful employment in our growing economic region. Both our prospective students (recent high school graduates and returning adult students) and our current students who are interested in a career after graduation yet are undecided on a career path will benefit from a more comprehensive approach to explaining and designing clear pathways to gainful employment.

MVCC’s existent A.A.S, A.O.S, and certificate programs in the PSAT department have the capacity to absorb moderate increases in enrollment with very no additional expenditures, apart from the cost of consumable materials, as is evident by the fill rates for the preceding 4-semesters for the classes that comprise the aforementioned programs (summarized in table 1 below).

Table 1. listing of average class fill-rates by program.
ProgramFall 2015 average course fill-rateSpring 2016 average course fill-rateFall 2016 average course fill-rateSpring 2017 average course fill-rate
Air-conditioning Technology79737869
CNC Machining63485754

Furthermore, PSAT’s career-focused programs have the ability to absorb significant enrollment growth by increasing the number of laboratory section offerings and MVCC’s facilities have the ability to accommodate the additional sections. Each laboratory space can house up to 84-hours of instruction per week and the laboratory classrooms that service PSAT’s programs have been running well below capacity for the preceding 4-semester (summarized in table 2 below).

Table 2. Lab space use in hours/week.
Laboratory SpaceFall 2015—# of hours utilized per weekSpring 2016—# of hours utilized per weekFall 2016—# of hours utilized per weekSpring 2017—# of hours utilized per week

To this end, EMC is recommending the allocation of resources to support a two-fold marketing campaign.
  1. An externally facing campaign targeted to potential students in area high schools and BOCES as well as to adult students marketing career programs and their pathway to employment. This campaign should include the “day to day” lives of those in the field, the potential earnings, and the job market outlook as well as any preparatory academic skills necessary including levels of mathematical preparedness. This program also should educate local educational partners on the need for career and academic guidance early in the students’ academic life.
  2. An internal campaign marketing our existent career services, including Career Coach and the Admissions’ Office Program Guide, as a means of making better decisions earlier in their academic career. This internal campaign should guide faculty and staff to the resources and how to best utilize them to assist current MVCC students interested in careers upon graduation from MVCC to make informed career choices in a timely manner.
  3. EMC also recommends that the Academic Departments which house career preparedness programs partner with Admissions and local industry representatives to conduct high school and middle school presentations in an attempt to educate and excite our local students about how to prepare themselves for these emerging career opportunities.
EMC recognizes that the Offices of Career Services and Marketing have made excellent progress over the years in marketing our programs and next steps to students, and would like to commend these offices on their hard work. This recommendation is to support and expand these efforts to help better prepare our students and our community for the emerging workforce in the Mohawk Valley.