Fire Protection Tech

Fire Protection Technology-AAS

Proposed Curricular Display

First Semester
ED 100 College Seminar (1)
EN 101English 1 (3)
HC 100 Introduction to Health Care (3)
SO 101Introduction to Sociology(3)
PY 101Introduction to Psychology(3)
Second Semester
EN 102English 2(3)
MA 110 Elementary Statistics(3)
MA108Concepts in Math(3)
IS101Computer Apps(3)
IS100Introduction to Comp Apps(4)
MR115Law in Health Care
PS203State and Local Govt(3)
Third Semester
CH 101 Physical Science (4)
PY 207Life-Span Development(3)
Social Science Elective (3)
Fourth Semester Utica Fire Academy
FP 101Firefighter 1 (5)
FP 102Firefighter 2(1.5)
FP 103Incident Command(1.5)
FP 105Hazardous Materials(3.5 )
FP 107Rescue Technician Basic(1.5)
FP 108Firefighter Assist and Search Operations(1)
FP 109Firefighter Survival(.5)
FP 110Accident Victim Extrication(.5 )
FP 111Truck Company Operations(1.5)
FP 112Apparatus Operations – Emergency Vehicle(4)
FP 115Code Enforcement Practices(4.5)
FP 116Fire and Emergency Service Leadership and Safety(3)
FP 119Physical Training (2)
FP 120Live Fire Training (1)
Total Credits 63-64

Image FPT Curricular Display Revised