Enrollment Reports

Enrollment Reports are generated from the Daily database found in "M:\IAssess\Enrollment Reports".

There are three components to the enrollment reports, and three steps to create them, all performed by the DAILY MACRO FULL SERVICE macro:
1. The Date Table
2. The Current Year Table
3. The Previous Year Table


Date Table

There are separate date tables for all four terms: Fall Date Table, Intersession Date Table, Spring Date Table, and

Summer Date Table.

The date table includes information used in the Enrollment Report, including the current year date, previous year date, and the sub header. The previous year's date - PREVDATE - is the date used to compare this year's data with. The macro calculates the correct date and updates the table.

Current Year Table

The Current Year Table is generated each day by running the macro. The naming convention includes (see below) the term (S17 for Spring-2017), date (020617 for February 6, 2017), day of the week (M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday), and the time the table was generated:

S17 020617 M 08:19: AM

The macro actually creates today’s table and copies the data to a second table using including the semester in the name: Spring Current Year Table, for instance.

Previous Year Table

The Previous Year Table is a copy of the table from the previous year, and is copied by the macro as the appropriate “Spring Previous Year Table”, “Fall Previous Year Table”, Intersession Previous Year Table”, or “Summer Previous Year Table.”

When the macro finishes it opens the date table for verification of the previous year's date, current date, and "report count" - the number of days until the term begins. If the macro throws an error check the term and the dates entered when the macro started; a mistake with them is the most likely cause. The mistake is often entering a date for the previous year for which there is no report.

Generating the Report

  2. Enter the desired term in the Term Code box and click Ok
  3. Enter last year's comparison date - format is mmddyy. If the macro throws an error, a mistake with this date is the most likely cause.
  4. The last step is entering the day header by entering the number of days to the start of classes or the day of class, then click Generate Report.
  5. Compare the report with the most recent report just to see if the numbers look reasonable.

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