Enrollment Reports

There are three components to the enrollment reports, and three steps to create them:
1. The Date Table
2. The Current Year Table
3. The Previous Year Table

Date Table

There are separate date tables for all three semesters: Fall Date Table, Intersession Date Table, Spring Date Table, and

Summer Date Table.

The date table includes information used in the Enrollment Report, including the current year date, previous year date, and the sub header. The previous date is determined by the relationship of today’s date to the beginning of the semester. Typically, if the semester has not yet begun, count the number of days to semester begin, then use that number to calculate the date for the previous term. If today is twenty-four days before the first day of the semester, the previous year’s date would be the date that is 24 days before that term began. If the term has already begun, use the number of class days. If today is the 13th class day of the term, compare it with the 13th day of the previous term. It is probably correct to just add a day (or three on Monday) to the value already in the table.

Today’s date, obviously, is today’s date.

The sub-header, called “line 3 heading” reflects the information from the previous year date above. For instance, “24 Days Before the Semester Begins” or “13th Day of Classes.”

Current Year Table

The Current Year Table is generated each day by running a macro which creates the table. The naming convention includes (see below) the term (S17 for Spring-2017), date (020617 for February 6, 2017), day of the week (M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday), and the time the table was generated:

S17 020617 M 08:19: AM

The macro actually creates today’s table and copies the data to a second table using including the semester in the name: Spring Current Year Table, for instance.

Previous Year Table

The Previous Year Table is a copy of the table from the previous year, and must be copied manually after the correct date has been identified for the Date Table, above. Find the table for the date used in the previous year’s date calculation and copy it to “Spring Previous Year Table”, “Fall Previous Year Table”, Intersession Previous Year Table”, or “Summer Previous Year Table.”

Generating the Report

There are separate reports for each semester: Fall Enrollment Report, Intersession Enrollment Report, Spring enrollment Report, and Summer Enrollment Report.

Open the desired report and save it as a PDF to the appropriate folder in IAssess/Enrollment Reports/Reports.

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