Enrollment Ideas from Employees

Enrollment Ideas
September 21-September 26

13 responses received to the ContactEMC email, some with multiple ideas.
5 replies volunteering for the focus groups.

In response to the email looking for enrollment ideas, I would like to share the information on Migrant Education--College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). The site is found here: http://www2.ed.gov/programs/camp/index.html

MVCC can offer a Summer Cultural Immersion Program with ESL courses, cultural trips and activities that will immerse students into the culture of the United States. Students must live in the dorms and be provided with a food plan. There are several models in other states that are highly successful.

1a) Discuss with employers what tasks that are needed to be accomplished by an employee. Employers are doing the hiring and if we do not meet their needs then no education is needed. We will also find that several courses included in our programs, that some faculty feel are necessary, is actually a reflection of academic cloistering. Employers would recognize these classes as outdated, useless or only needed in selected areas of employment.
b) Survey the transfer colleges. They have also been hit by the credit creep adjustments and many classes that had been required are now removed.

2) Employers need workers that are current in the field. If they have graduated from college some years back, or they have a general degree and now need specific knowledge each would lend itself to the need for a post-graduate concentration of classes.
As a clarification, we all may think of post-graduate as after graduate school, but I’m referencing post ANY level of degree – even the AA.
The concept of developing Badges has been presented and a committee (or sub-committee) has been tasked with reviewing it. We need to push this and put MVCC’s name on it. If we delay on launching this potential new initiative then we will be a follower again.

3) Do not stop good program ideas because they are not acceptable to all students. ATD and the inclusion hype has stopped even some discussion on new developments from taking even small steps because many new things do not apply to all students. As example, we need a pre-req in computer knowledge and testing – call it a College Seminar in Online Classes. It has to be something that will stop students from signing up for an online class when they have no computer literacy or the motivation to do the online work load.

4) We need to separate the good programs from the ‘less strenuous’. This may even mean shutting them down as AAS degrees. Without doing this, the outside world would go with the least common denominator of academic vigor. We have a strong engineering program – yet we have some very weak General Studies programs. If we need to separate the rigorous and non-rigorous into totally separate schools so be it. Because if we don’t we will appear as the 13thgrade of Proctor and marketing the school would be a cluster.

5) I would pursue selective recruitment in NYC or other large cities that have private schools. Many parochial school in NYS have tuition of close to $10,000 a year. Parents would jump for joy to have a college bill that’s less. MVCC can offer that – even with room and board. In addition, these student typically have had stronger academic studies and would need less remedial classes.

The first thing that comes to my mind is working on our current website. It is often one of the first interactions prospective students have with us and when compared to other colleges our website could be improved. I noticed this a great deal when my daughter was a senior and she was looking a possibilities following graduation!

Put a food pantry on both campuses for students to help with retention.

1) A new program that serves an emerging need in the community.
Predictive Analytics Certificate

Fermentation Science/Brewing Certificate

Construction Management Degree

2) Changes to existing programs.

Increased Cohort Programming specifically in the evening

Cohort Program for Rome Campus

Consider a daytime cohort program as well

3) Any other ideas that might help boost enrollment.

on demand enrollment processes - i.e. placement testing Monday - Friday no matter what time of year it is.

increased temporary staffing during peak enrollment times

strategically target Companies with Tuition Reimbursement to promote MVCC and offer onsite coursework to those companies

  1. Invitation to the local high schools for tours or visits and make it personal.
  2. What program are we known for? Years ago it was Graphic Arts, Nursing. What is it now? We cannot be everything. We should advertise what we do well.

One suggestion that I have is to figure out how to better serve our vulnerable population, as well as how to make a conscious effort to recruit them.
I would like to suggest a new program that can utilize mostly classes that we already teach and that hires 2 year degree holders locally. Medical technologists are always being advertised in the local job banks. There are licensing requirements for students, but in general, the material is similar to the courses we offer in our chemistry technology sequence and/or biology sequence already. Here’s an example of a job posting: https://jobs.labcorp.com/job/utica/medical-technologist-st-lukes-hospital-2nd-shift/668/1801625