EMC Spring 2016 Recruitment Strategies

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Recruitment Strategies

New Cohorts

January 2016

Included: Janet Visalli, Patti Antanavige, Tom Zenon, Janet Tamburrino, Mike Henningsen, Dan Ianno, Jim Maio, Jennifer DeWeerth

Key points regarding numerical enrollment projections:

  • The number projected is for 2016-17. The projection is to be considered a “stake in the ground” that will then continue to yield additional enrollment in future. In some cases the investments made in 2016-17 will not reach full pay off for several years.
  • Numbers listed reflect net increases, so does not include a case in which a student currently enrolled in one education program switches to the new Oneonta program.
  • The ability to meet these enrollment projections depends upon increased marketing and advertising which may not have been undertaken to date.
1. BISS/ Business Management, evening/weekend cohort program-20
  • Joint marketing with Keuka to highlight the pathway from AAS in Business Management to BS in organizational Business. Adult Learner Services received 4-5 calls over break from the holiday distribution of the MV Connect mailing.
  • Admissions/ALS information sessions (dates forthcoming) to promote the new educational pathway. Dan/Janet will communicate these dates to MarComm for promotional support.
  • Create new brochure directed at local employers to facilitate existing staff opportunities for advancement with additional education. (Package with tuition reimbursement options being investigated). Will share this will CCED to promote with their local partners.
  • Admissions will monitor (through Nolan) all new admits in Business Management to promote/offer the new cohort model to those that apply for the spring that do register for classes.
  • We will need Cabinet level approval for the proposed cohort model by the first week of February to allow for the window for promotion. (Assume that Maryrose is bringing that forward)
  • Full support of MarComm to promote through radio, television, newspaper, direct mail, social media, etc. to begin mid-February.
  • Where does USC market to their students?
2. Veteran recruitment-30 (15% increase)
  • Adult Learner Services (ALS) is planning a breakfast event during spring break where many of the organizations (i.e., Sitrin, Clear Path, The Armory, County and State Reps, Veterans Outreach Center, Reserve Center, Watertown Education Center) that work with veterans are invited to learn about our veteran programs. This intended to be a round table type discussion that may develop ideas for us to support veterans and develop recruitment opportunities.
    • President/VP/MarComm/BOT support – this needs a higher level of invite with a higher level of presence
    • Dan has been working with Tom Squires to connect with the County VA rep and Dan will bring Janet to this meeting
  • Admissions and ALS will develop a greater presence at Fort Drum for recruitment
  • Create brochure specifically for the Watertown Education Center.
  • Bellevue, as a Vet friendly institution has practices that facilitate veteran use of benefits. Mike will explore potential partnership though UPTC.
  • Using current student veterans to assist with recruitment of veteran population.
  • Use Career Fair, Fight for Vets…?? as veteran recruitment event
  • Develop innovative practices for evaluating prior learning experiences like Empire State College, like Excelsior and need assistance from Academic Affairs to promote CLEP across the division or determine our openness for CLEP evaluations).
3. UPTC- 15 Oneonta + 30 = 45
  • Once we get committed start dates for Oneonta and Morrisville, create a mailer for UPTC that highlights the Bellevue, Keuka, Oneonta and Morrisville offerings and pathways
  • TV, newspaper, billboards, mailings, social media etc. to capitalize on UPTC opening and maintain momentum to maximize fall registration
  • Still waiting on UC signing of Dual Admission agreement. (As per Dan, this is slated for further discussion at UC on January 29th – UPTC opening invitation?)
  • Create new brochure directed at local employers to facilitate existing staff opportunities for advancement with additional education. (Package with tuition reimbursement options being investigated). Will share this will CCED to promote with their local partners
  • Promote an evening open house with all partners.
  • Promote UPTC/Veterans at larger community events (i.e., kiosk in Sangertown Square, Oneida County Fair, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, State Fair?)
  • UPTC presentation at Admissions Guidance Counselor Event.
  • Talk to NYSUT reps to offer CEU’s for teachers to learn about transfer practices and educational pipeline associated with UPTC. Patti and Mike can follow up.
4. New York City Recruitment- 20
  • Admissions will be increasing our visits to NYC over the next several months to individual high schools, Community Based Organizations, and the SUNY Welcome Center. We are looking at a minimum of monthly visits between February and June/July.
  • On additional visits staff will be visiting several high schools where we have made connections. These visits include meeting with students, administrators, and teachers.
  • An increased presence will happen at the SUNY Welcome Center, with a focus on offering one-stop service to prospective students, from testing, to advisement, to scheduling to housing information. Offering a modified SOAR or an accepted student bus trip to campus are all being discussed.
  • Discussions are in progress with SUNY Poly about offering joint events at the Welcome Center. They have also started using the center for appointments, so a joint reception/event, appointments, etc. will be investigated.
  • Admissions will once again attend the SUNY Counselors Forum at FIT which last fall led to several contacts with counselors and CBO’s as well as the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) National College fair in NYC.
  • The adjustment to the Housing Policy (65 or above GPA) should result in additional enrollment.
5. International Students- 9
  • The hiring of an international admissions counselor by February 1, 2016.
  • Plans are in place to attend an overseas recruitment program. Although this effort may see more benefit for the Fall 2017 semester, residual effects may impact Fall 2016 for potential late deciders or those who may change plans based on not obtaining appropriate TOEFL scores or financial statements.
  • Impact of the new online international applications are being seen as we have an increased number of applications for fall 2016. At the same time last year we had 0 applications (this was still a paper process). This year, with the online application we have 21 applications. We ended up with a total of 40 applications last year that yielded 21.
  • Communication will continue with partner 4-year institutions as we can also promote the ESL program.

6. EMC (EMC is not a recruitment strategy but is included as an enrollment predictor).
  • February - EMC will have the model designed, and will run it against historical data to see how effective it is predictively.

Total net increase in enrollment as a result of these efforts = 124 students