EMC Nano Recommendation (Spring 2015)

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Ms. Stephanie Reynolds, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Maryrose Eannace, Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs
Mr. Seyed Akhavi, Dean, STEM Center
Ms. Marianne Buttenschon, Dean, BISS Center and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

From: Enrollment Management Council
Date: May 1, 2015
Re: Nanotechnology Recommendation

Enrollment Management Council received many responses from our College community survey about enrollment that touched upon “Nano.” (A majority of responses to two of the three questions cited either Nano specifically or science/technology broadly.) Faculty and staff expressed concern that we may not be maximizing the opportunity of Nano for enrollment growth and were not sure whether we are ready to meet the need to prepare the community to fill new jobs that are headed our way. In general, they are also unsure of what “Nano” means in terms of programs and careers and are even more certain that prospective MVCC students and other community members are uncertain as well.

In order to address these concerns and take a lead role in educating the community about Nano, EMC recommends that the following questions be addressed by the STEM Center, and the larger college community give priority to the resources and support necessary for the STEM center to create/enhance new Nanotechnology offerings at MVCC.

  1. What does “Nano tech” mean at MVCC?
  2. What programs/pathways fall under that heading “Nano?”
  3. How can those degrees be named and presented from a marketing point of view?”

EMC believes it is imperative that the preceding questions are answered by the STEM Center, in conjunction with Marketing and Communications, and that these answers then be marketed aggressively both internally at MVCC and externally in the larger community.

EMC further recommend, once the programs have been addressed, and preceding questions answered, that the STEM Center work with MVEDGE and other community organizations to leverage MVCC’s role as a thought leader to educate the community on the emerging field of nanotechnology.