EMC Email Request to College Community

Greetings MVCC community:

On August 17, I spoke at the all-faculty meeting on behalf of the Enrollment Management Council about an ideas database. I would like to elaborate on that a little bit and solicit your help in getting it started. The purpose of the Enrollment Management Council is to develop and support overall enrollment priorities at the College. We do this by gathering information and analyzing available data to make recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council in order to effect appropriate and measurable action steps. This is where you, as faculty and staff, can support the EMC in these efforts.

The EMC is going to create an “ideas database”, but first we need ideas from you. What are ways in which we can make MVCC more marketable as the economy and the needs of the community change? How can we better serve the needs of current and prospective students? We would like your ideas regarding the following possibilities:

1) A new program that serves an emerging need in the community.

2) Changes to existing programs.

3) Any other ideas that might help boost enrollment.

As we gather ideas, we will keep them in a database. By maintaining a database, we can ensure that no ideas will get lost in the shuffle. Plus, we will be able to avoid redundancy, and review ideas that we have attempted in the past. Please forward any of your ideas to the Enrollment Management Council through this email: contactEMC at mvcc.edu.

As this process progresses, the EMC would like to form a focus group tasked with discussing the ideas that have been submitted. Would you be willing to participate in such a focus group? If you are willing to volunteer for this task, please let us know by replying to this email: contactEMC at mvcc.edu.

Dayton Elseth
Assistant Professor of English as a Second Language
Education & Language Studies Department
delseth at mvcc.edu

On behalf of the Enrollment Management Council